NBA’s New Rule on Shooting Fouls: How Will it Change the Game

The fans of the NBA have noticed an apparent change in game officiating this season. There is a new league rule where offensive players can no longer draw a shooting foul if they jump onto their defenders while trying to score. This move was infamous to several NBA sharp shooters as this was their technique to get extra points from the free throw line.

The NBA made this move to emphasize that game momentums should not be in a form of “overt, abrupt, or abnormal non-basketball moves.” When defensive players were asked regarding this new rule, Draymond Green, the six-time All-Defensive Team honoree and former Defensive Player of the Year conveyed that it’s about time to appreciate the defense aspect of the game instead of villainizing it. Green also added that with this new rule, players who flail and flop too much won’t be rewarded with another shot.

Three weeks into a new season, there have been some talks about this new rule on how it will affect the league in general. 

So far, the offense rating of the NBA has collapsed. According to, the average NBA offensive rating has declined greater than six points, from 112.3 last season to 106.2 this season. This is the lowest mark since the 2014-15 season. Points per game have also plummeted, from the previous 112.1 to now 107.6.

According to the team coaches, the statistics shown are unsteady as it’s still too early in the season to conclude that the NBA offensive rating would take a deep plunge til the end. Certainly, coaches will adjust their game plays and strategies with regards to the no shooting foul rule to gain much higher scores in the matches to come.

Although this could be a major game changer for the teams, especially those who rely on sharp shooters, coaches like Steve Kerr of Golden State Warriors said that this rule change was long overdue. Now that the NBA has implemented this, Kerr mentioned that offensive players couldn’t easily manipulate the referees to turn those foul attempts into driving to the free throw line, especially when it’s a four-point play. Plus, it would allow the defenders to utilize their main role, which is to shield offensive players in scoring.

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