NBA 2k22: The Best NBA 2k Video Game in Years

More than one month after its release, fans were swearing by NBA 2k22. This is a huge deal as NBA 2k fans don’t easily swoon over these video games. After the 2k disappointed its fans with mediocre launches, it seemed like the NBA finally heard the qualms and hired a new game developer, Hookbang, to take NBA 2k22 to the next level.

Hookbang being a developer of mobile in-app games for a long time now, excited the fans as the partnership looked promising to them. Initial thoughts were mostly positive as enthusiasts thought that the newcomer could help the video game’s original software engineer team in developing a more interesting NBA 2k launch.

And the whole crew did not disappoint.

Here’s a concise review of the NBA 2k22:

First off, the visuals. The differences in visuals of 2k22 to its predecessors is very apparent. In MyCareer and Gameplay, one may notice that the images are more refined than ever. Not to mention, its wide streamlining has a feel of extra cohesiveness into it. 

Though, one might think that these changes won’t matter to the casual NBA 2k fans. But for those who have been waiting for an upgrade of the game’s overall physical feel, this a top dog issue.

One may also notice that the MyCareer tab has been refurbished to an entirely different design. The ambiance is a bit brighter and lighter than the usual versions. And if one is a constant follower of MyCareer storylines, 2k22 changed the plot for this version to cater to the Generation Z.

So far, the storyline gave a twinge to its mostly millennial audience as the story focused on a social media superstar who is contemplating on going back to college or playing in a G-League, instead of its usual hardworking person who aspires to be an NBA player, kind of plot.

Personal opinion: The NBA is still a business. With that, the league inevitably needs to tap a broader market. And with Gen Z, the concepts of relatability and realism are very important. So, the NBA made a smart move with the MyCareer storyline this 2k launch to attract the attention of this audience.

As for the NBA 2k22’s presentation, it’s noticeable that players look more polished than last year’s. The camera cuts are very much in-sync to the players’ shots. Also, there’s a new feature where the NBA teams get to have their real-life PA announcer that just makes the video game more realistic.

With the overall improvements of the NBA 2k, it’s safe to say that it’s worth the purchase.

NBA 2k: Into the future

There also have been topics regarding NBA 2k’s future cover. Most of the time, the NBA chooses players who have made such an impact to their team or the league, in general, as the video game’s cover.

And of course, as a fan, you want to include yourself into these kinds of discussions. But with some limitations and restrictions, it’s sometimes impossible to stay updated to the latest NBA happenings.

Fortunately, there’s Freeliv.

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This app also offers post-game data analysis so that fans can get a better understanding about what happened in the matches. Freeliv also has a highlights collection tab where you can replay your favorite game moments for as long as you want.

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