More than 1,000 Triathletes compete in picturesque Chun’an

Triathletes get ready to compete in the cycling segment of the 2021 STC Qiandao Lake 113 Triathlon that took place in Chun’an county, Hangzhou on Oct 31. [Photo/]

More than 1,000 triathletes from home and abroad enjoyed the picturesque mountains and rivers of Qiandao Lake in Chun’an county, Hangzhou while challenging the limits of their stamina competing in the 2021 STC Qiandao Lake 113 Triathlon on Oct 31, local media outlets reported.

Having hosted the event for six consecutive years, Chun’an has enjoyed great renown among participants for boasting enchanting lakeside cycling courses and first-class water quality.

Richly endowed by nature, Chun’an has developed its favorable natural advantages into a unique calling card, inviting sports enthusiasts from across the globe to build up their bodies while enjoying the beautiful mountains and rivers.

A triathlon is an endurance multisport race consisting of swimming, cycling, and running over various distances. Triathletes compete for the fastest overall completion time, racing each segment sequentially with the time transitioning between the disciplines included. Triathletes train to achieve endurance, strength, and speed, which require focused, persistent, and periodical training for each of the three disciplines, as well as combination workouts and general strength conditioning.

Triathletes swim in Qiandao Lake, one of the lakes in China that has first-class water quality. [Photo/]

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