The main purpose and decorative function of stainless steel screen

The main purpose of the screen is to isolate, cover and decorate. It can make the room form a multi-level sense of space, using decorative layout, for example, for a family with a small living area, when a room needs to be divided into a bedroom and a meeting room and a study room, screens can be used to separate them to obtain the layout Reasonable, easy to use, comfortable and elegant living environment. If the living conditions are better and there is a separate living room, placing a beautifully designed and ornamental screen in an appropriate place in the living room can add to the beauty of the room’s decoration.

If there are many household items and there is no closet, in order to keep the room tidy, a storage area can be separated by a screen so that people cannot see the storage behind the screen. The screen can also be installed at the entrance of the outer door or outside the door, and the beautiful pattern of the screen itself can be used to attract people’s attention. The screen can be folded, moved and placed flexibly, and can be easily made by oneself, so it is popular with people.


There are many styles of stainless steel screens, including grid type, window pattern, mobile type, European style, flower format, etc. (see picture above). People can follow their own aesthetic preferences, rooms and economic conditions. If you choose a screen, you can also design and process a variety of stainless steel screens according to your actual needs. The stainless steel carved screen can be appropriately carved with landscapes, flowers and birds on the surface of the screen to play its decorative role. The installation method of the screen can be in any form and can be changed according to the needs of the room layout. In order to achieve harmony and unity, it plays a role of decoration and beautification.

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