Dr. Jalil Ahmad Launches His Debut Book to Present a Remarkable Solution for All Global Issues

Dr. Jalil Ahmad, an advocate of empowerment and freedom, has always been concerned about the issues the planet earth has been facing for centuries. After years of experience and thorough research, Dr. Ahmad realized that most of the major problems prevailing in the world are global, and national regulations cannot solve these global problems. Hence, he proposed the idea of creating global political parties to empower nations.

Why The World Needs Global Political Parties, launched on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and other e-book platforms in January 2022, is a step forward to carry out Dr. Ahmad’s vision of fairness and empowerment. He believes that for democracy to prosper and build the general public’s confidence, elections must be fair, unbiased, and uncontrolled. However, this is only possible if the entire world is governed by a united global organization such as “United Nations of Globe” (U.N.G.) whose sole objective is to work for the well-being of the world.

The world we are living in has been in disarray ever since the industrial revolution. The never-ending steps taken to modernize the world have resulted in a myriad of global issues, including overpopulation, exorbitant misuse of natural resources, unemployment, lack of education opportunities, poverty, terrorism, ecological degradation, corruption, and last but not least, manipulated elections. These issues have affected all countries in general and low-income countries in particular. The author argues when the issues are global, the solution should be global too. This is the only way to provide equal access to basic rights, such as education and employment, to all nations.

“In a world filled with economic, social, and environmental chaos, we need to consider alternatives. How unfair is it that the poorest countries should bear the brunt of climate change, which they did little to cause and which they can do so little to stop? The same is true of the ravages of COVID-19, where the wealthiest countries have been the first in line to receive vaccines. It’s clear that we desperately need a more equitable allocation of the world’s resources,” said Dr. Ahmad in the book.

Dr. Ahmad is of the opinion that the old strategies to govern nations are no more convenient. The world has become a global village. Everything, from business procedures to economy, human interactions, communication, and whatnot, has been globalized. Hence, it is indispensable that politics and the way governments work are also globalized. By aligning their goals and empowering their people through united governance (such as U.S.A. a 50 states union or European Union 29 countries union), not only can the nations combat poverty, hunger, and illiteracy but also create harmony among people and far better economic opportunities than those that exist now.


Dr. Jalil Ahmad was born in Kanpur, Utter Pradesh, India. Right from his childhood, Dr. Ahmad held the vision of serving humanity. He completed his undergraduate degree in India and went to Pakistan, where he pursued a master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Karachi. Later, in 1976, he moved to the United States and joined the American University, Washington DC, to further advance his education and career. There, he did research fellowship, and in 1979, within just three years, he obtained another master’s degree and a Ph.D. from the same university. Dr. Ahmad always had a passion for advancing his knowledge in as many fields as possible. This was the reason he gained diversified experience in teaching, labor relations, production, research and development, construction, politics, and more. His vast knowledge and experience led him to write his debut book and present a remarkable solution for major global issues. Dr. Ahmad encourages more global political parties be formed to compete in providing better governance and opportunities to common people in the U.S.A. and the world in general. The objective is to build a prosperous and safe world.

Why The World Needs Global Political Parties is available on Amazon. For more information and to order a copy of the book, visit https://www.amazon.com/World-Needs-Global-Political-Parties/dp/B09RG62351

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