Ark7: Building a real estate investment portfolio was never so easy

Ark7 enables investors to invest as little as $5 in the hottest real estate markets without participating in bidding wars.

February 23, 2022 – Real estate usually proves to be a lucrative investment. It offers both rent and appreciation, but it requires considerable time, patience, and of course, a lot of money. Real estate investment trusts and groups can be helpful, but they don’t offer flexibility in terms of choosing and managing the property. Fortunately, here’s a platform that transforms the real estate investment landscape. 

Ark7 is the Robinhood of the real estate world, which empowers investors to buy and sell property shares just like trading stocks. Ark7 is a simple, secure, and diverse real estate investing platform where investors can buy property shares quickly at a low cost. It empowers users to purchase property shares at as low as $5. Ark7 aims to make real estate investment accessible to people who want to invest but do not have the time or funds to do so.

“Have you ever wanted to invest in real estate but did not have the time or money to commit to buying and managing a property? We created Ark7 to solve this dilemma. Ark7 is a real estate platform that lets you buy property shares like you buy stocks and—unlike REITs—lets you directly choose the properties you want to invest in.” – Meng Xu, CMO of Ark7. 

Ark7 can prove to be a robust investment platform for investors who desire regular income. They just have to choose a property and invest. Ark7 ensures that their investments gain rental and appreciation income while handling property management and tax preparations. The expert team at Ark7 picks properties that are most likely to appreciate and have stable monthly rental income. With Ark7, investors choose their favorite property and buy property shares just like trading stocks.

Users can quickly view property data such as photos, neighborhood details, and legal documents before making a well-informed decision. Ark7 is the perfect platform for beginners to invest in real estate without risking a considerable amount of time or money. They can simply choose to invest in multiple properties and diversify their portfolio.

An exit plan is as essential as an investment plan for the investors. Ark7 offers flexible exit options to investors. For Ark7’s Berkeley properties, they can request redemption of interests up to 24 months after acquiring the interests. When the Ark7 trading platform launches, they can sell their shares to others after the 1 year minimum holding period by placing an asking price based on the market value. 

Andy Zhao, Founder of Ark7, is an ex-engineer for Google. When Andy first decided to invest in real estate, he noticed that it requires a vast amount of time and money to purchase and maintain a property. After discussing the difficulties of investing in real estate with a close friend, Andy realized that many aspiring property owners face similar challenges. Andy decided to streamline the process and make it as simple as buying stocks. He founded Ark7 to make real estate investment accessible to people who want to invest but do not have the time or money.

When users purchase the shares of a particular property on the Ark7 platform, they become shareholders of the LLC company that owns the property. Ark7 users who invest in the property are partial owners. However, the ownership depends on the number of shares they possess. 

In March 2021, Product Hunt featured Ark7, and it earned over 2,000 upvotes within a week. The users found Ark7 very promising, and it won the #2 Product of the Day, #3 Product of the Week, and #5 Product of the Month badges. In July 2019, Ark7 raised $2M in seed funding.

About Us: 

At Ark7, we aim to fill the gap between people and properties with our user-friendly platform. We strive to make real estate investment accessible to people remotely. Our expert team specializes in finding and managing the best properties for our users.

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