Eco-friendly Vacation Destination Takes Learning To The Next Level

Eco-friendly Vacation Destination Takes Learning To The Next Level

Alpha Submarine Adventures
Alpha Submarine Adventures’ Eco-Tours is taking vacationing to the next level of recreation and social responsibility. Boasting an ecotourism experience like no other, it will serve nearly 40,000 patrons each year with premium educational tours across the beautiful coral reefs in the Virgin Islands.

Eco-friendly travel and education rolled into one

Since our oceans provide three times the oxygen that land based plants and trees do, it is essential that we research and study how to preserve this resource. This is the reason that Alpha Submarine Adventures is working with partners in the scientific community and education arena such as the University of the Virgin Islands. They will help provide equipment and research to measure various contaminants in the Caribbean waters. Their submarine tours will carry instruments that feed information automatically to the University of the Virgin Islands. Educating the public about the importance of coral reefs to the marine environment, coastal protection, and the economy is their passion.

Dedicated to bringing awareness about the importance of coral reefs to our delicate global ecosystem, Alpha Submarine Adventures’ staff will lovingly craft educational excursions that allow you to get up close and personal with the exquisite plant and animal life that exist in these waters. A portion of the proceeds from each tour will go back into research and study of these beautiful environments. Patrons will get a personalized peek at hundreds of species of fish, plants, and other aquatic organisms, all dependent on each other to create a thriving community.

Your deep dive will include a hosted tour of the reefs, as well as education on how they are created and why they are an essential part of a thriving global ecosystem as a whole. You’ll enjoy the wonders swimming amidst the crystalline waters of the Virgin Islands, celebrating the experience with family and friends while you contemplate together how your eco-conscious choice makes a positive impact on the environment.

Alpha Submarine Adventures: Coming Soon!

Alpha Submarine Adventures Virgin Islands, LLC is a sustainable tourist submarine excursion that is dedicated to promoting ecotourism for over 40,000 passengers each year in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Operations will begin in the Summer of 2022 from Crown Bay Center with up to six dives a day to beautiful Sprat Bay off Water Island.

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