Homeowners Upgrading Properties with Fascia Installation in Jacksonville

Homeowners throughout the region are using a simple upgrade to ensure their houses look good and are well-protected. Fascia installation in Jacksonville is not a major project, but it is effective when done correctly. Gutters & Covers LLC is a company doing this renovation.

A home must be sealed from the elements to prevent water damage as well as to keep air conditioning costs in check. When the fascia is not appropriately installed, it can lead to gaps that open the home to water and air leaks.

A fascia is a board that runs along the lower roof edge. It is also known as the “transition trim” by some contractors. Although it is not a high-profile part of a home, it is an essential one. The fascia works in conjunction with the soffit. The soffit is the exposed underside of the overhanging roof, and it provides ventilation for the attic and helps regulate the temperature inside a home. These components act to help a house breathe while protecting the shingles, roof, and attic.

Proper fascia installation will prevent moisture damage to the roof, as the board will prevent water from entering the structure. When placed right, a fascia board also eliminates the risk of curling shingles and wood rot and keeps pests out. Not only does the fascia work in this way, but it is also an element that gives a finished look to any home while adding to curb appeal.

The fascia trim board is also the part of a home’s structure where gutters are attached. That is another reason why proper installation is essential. Facias that are solid create a sturdy mounting surface for gutters to help direct water away from the building.

Contact Gutters & Covers LLC to learn more about fascia installation. They serve customers in the Jacksonville area and can be reached at (904) 997-6685. Information is also available on their website.

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