Anaheim Tree Experts Uses Tree Removal to Fix Problems with an Oak That Was Outgrowing Its Allocated Space

Feb 24, 2022 – Anaheim, California – Anaheim Tree Experts spent the whole of yesterday bringing down an oak tree. Although the oak tree was perfectly healthy, it had started becoming bigger than its allocated space. The tree’s trunk was pushing against Lenny Smith’s house wall while its roots had started putting cracks on the concrete floor.

“When the family decided to plant the oak tree 5 feet from the house,” said Lenny Smith, “no one understood that the tree’s trunk diameter would reach 9 to 10 feet at maturity. The oak tree was yet to be considered mature but its trunk diameter had already reached 6.3 feet.”

“The oak tree would have been a great addition to the landscape in terms of offering environmental benefits and aesthetic appeal,” added Lenny. “However, keeping the tree around for these benefits would have forced the family to spend thousands on constant house repairs. The tree’s damage – before it matured and stopped expanding again – was estimated to hit approximately $30,000. The family was not willing to part with this amount of money to keep a tree.” 

Lenny Smith noted that his family did a lot of research before deciding to hire Anaheim Tree Experts for the tree removal procedure. He noted that the time used in the research was worth it as the family could not afford to suffer damage during tree removal. 

“To remove the oak tree safely,” said Lenny, “the family had to hire an experienced tree removal company in Anaheim. An inexperienced company would have dropped the heavy tree on the house, forcing the family to break its bank account to finance the repairs needed.” 

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Lenny noted that one of his neighbors recommended Anaheim Tree. According to the neighbor, the company was capable of handling all professional tree services in Anaheim. After digging online to find more information on Anaheim Tree Experts, the homeowner realized that the company had been handling complicated tree care procedures in Anaheim – and neighborhoods like San Marino, Yorba Linda, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Aliso Viejo – for the past 2.5 decades. On Google Reviews, the company had already earned itself a series of very positive reviews from happy customers. 

“By the time the family contacted Anaheim Tree Experts to request for tree removal,” said Lenny, “there were no doubts that the project would be finished successfully. After calling in the morning, the company sent a cost estimate and then showed up on the landscape with modern tree service tools an hour later.” 

The oak tree reportedly took more planning and strategizing than any of the other tree removal procedures Lenny Smith had witnessed in the past. Since the company could not cut the tree at the base and then allow it to fall freely, the team cut the tree foot by foot from the tree crown, working its way to the base.  

Anaheim Tree Experts reportedly took advantage of its crane to slowly lower down the cut pieces. The crane controlled the falling direction of the pieces, ensuring they did not land on Lenny’s roof. 

“The procedure was complicated,” said the Anaheim Tree Experts CEO. “However, the company’s tree cutting professionals in Anaheim had years of experience to refer to when bringing the tree down. When the tree finally came down, no damage had been done to Lenny’s landscape.”

Anaheim Tree Experts reportedly pulled the stump out of the ground, filled the hole with soil, and then cleaned the landscape. When the Anaheim tree removal team left, there was no evidence that a tree had been removed from Lenny’s home. 

Anaheim Tree Experts schedules tree maintenance procedures from its base at 2429 E Ball Rd, Anaheim, CA 92806, United States. The company can be contacted via +1 949-354-6174 and [email protected]

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