Viva5s Introduces an Innovative Marketing Application to Help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Stay Competitive Digitally in 2022

Taking business advertising online onto Social Media Platforms

Entrepreneurs and business owners can now build their own advertising creatives quickly and easily, using Viva5s’s productivity tool and get hold of over millions of quality pictures, Copywriting samples and Hashtags sets, along with references demographics.

The time come to start thinking about new resolutions and goals. For Entrepreneurs and business owners, seeing your business reach new heights would certainly be in the plans to stay competitive in the digital-focused world.

The journey to digitization typically starts with a Facebook Business Page or Instagram. Getting started is easy, but the journey into advertising is not for everyone, especially so if you are clueless about Creative Design, Copywriting, Demographics and so on.

Viva5s requires no advertising skills.
Viva5s is more than just a Designing Platform,
Viva5s is empowering every entrepreneur around the world by providing all the help and tools to advertise efficiently on social media.

The recently launched flagship marketing technology solution, empowers users to optimize marketing and advertising efforts through creative and personalized designs across multiple social media platforms.

Viva5s’s powerful creator tool offers more than a million professional Photos that can suit almost any business. Once you have decided on your advertising’s design, the rest of the steps is made simple with copywriting & hashtags samples, just choose and confirm. You can post or schedule to multiple social media platforms with a click of a button.

Entrepreneurs who are hoping to advertise to a greater audience online, or even go international with their businesses, will be delighted with the features found on Viva5s. This powerful tool allows you to create a post under 15mins.

When you are looking at establishing a strong online presence, it’s important that you post daily and at the best engaging time. Managing growth is the key to success.

“Viva5s is the most efficient social media advertising app ever,” says the team from Viva5s.
“Viva5s allows you to create creative designs and gives you thousands of sets of copywriting and hashtags across many industries. It closes the gap between businesses and the high cost of advertising and marketing.”

Kick-start your business’ 2022!
As an entrepreneur or business owner, you can give your company a head-start by Going Digital and Advertise efficiently for 2022.

Viva5s is a welcomed technology that bolsters businesses to stay on brand and achieve their growth goals. Download the Viva5s application on Google Play Store today.

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