Graffiti Bears Collective: The world-first entrepreneur-focused NFT community going live in March

Founded by a successful real-world business duo, Graffiti Bears is designed by – and made for – entrepreneurs, comprising an engaged community of ambitious, like-minded innovators 
Graffiti Bears – the metaverse’s first entrepreneur-driven NFT community – has announced its much-anticipated pre-sale date, with 9,999 spectacular artworks going live on March 2 at 10pm GMT. 
The Hoshi Labs project has amassed a 24,000 + following across Discord and Twitter since its original launch in late December 2021 – turning heads for its unique business-focused concept and refreshing approach to NFT ownership. 
Founded by two business partners who have enjoyed seven-figure success in the real world, Graffiti Bears is a self-sustaining community that enables members to pitch business ideas, make connections, and invest in companies created by other NFT holders. 
Profits generated by Graffiti Bears businesses are shared by the community – generating a continuous revenue stream whilst a portion of the 7% artist royalties are passed along to good causes and charities.
Even the way that Graffiti Bears manages its whitelist is different to other NFT brands – with members specifically chosen for making valuable contributions that visibly improve the community. Owners of multiple Graffiti Bears will also be in with bigger chances of winning in upcoming prize draws. 
Hoshi Labs founders Ben Windass and Lee Scott previously collaborated on successful real-world ecommerce projects, and in 2021 they recognised an opportunity to bring something new to the metaverse: An organic hub where ambitious entrepreneurs could work together within a passionate like-minded community.
Graffiti Bears was born and has already established itself as an anomaly within the NFT space as founders put their faces at the front of the project. 
Ben said: “Graffiti Bears is all about transparency. 
“I saw first-hand that there was too much distrust in the NFT world, whether that was failing to deliver on the roadmaps, breaking promises or just outright scams. 
“With Graffiti Bears, everything is above board. We’ve put our faces out there to prove we’re honest and open, because that’s the kind of community we’re trying to create. 
“The response has been great so far, and we’ve already had some of our members doing really cool things such as creating high-energy videos, designing merch and making fun memes. 
“This is a collective where people can not only reap membership rewards but also invest in businesses and get involved in some incredible opportunities as a result.” 
Co-founder Lee added: “The crypto space in the past has been a bit like the Wild West, with people hiding behind anonymity and taking advantage of others. 
“I’m ordinarily a private person and I don’t have much social media, but I wanted to put my face on this to prove we’re transparent. I really believe in this and I’m proud of it. 
“We’ve created a community where people actually can get to know one another, take part in genuine conversations and enjoy rewards as a result. 
“What we’re doing here is completely unique and different to any other NFT brand.”
Each Graffiti Bear NFT artwork is beautifully 3D modelled and one-of-a-kind, with a presale of 1,200 going live on March 2, 2022.
The remaining NFTs will be available through public sale from 10pm GMT on March 4, 2022. All artworks will be available on the Ethereum ERC-721 blockchain – with a whitelist price of 0.08 eth and public sale price of 0.12 eth.
Users will need to download the MetaMask or Coinbase wallet to mint their NFT following minting. Graffiti Bears can also be accessed and sold on OpenSea (with 7% of commission used to market the project). 
The prospects for the Graffiti Bears project are covered at length in the duo’s AMA podcast episode, which is available to view on YouTube.
Discover more about Graffiti Bears and the minting date on the official website
The Graffiti Bear Collective is a talented NFT network of like-minded artists, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and investors.
About Graffiti Bears
Launching with 9,999 spectacularly-designed artworks, the project is focused on creating a thriving business-focused community in which ideas are shared and opportunities are created – enabling members to make vital connections and enjoy huge rewards. 
Operated by a duo with real-world business experience, Graffiti Bears is a refreshingly transparent addition to the metaverse that is driven by the ambitious people within its membership. 

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