Three Truly Unique Houston-Area Vegan (and Vegetarian) Food Businesses

Three Truly Unique Houston-Area Vegan (and Vegetarian) Food Businesses

The A Bite of Hope program is a Houston-based non-profit that promotes health through healthy eating.
Vegan options have multiplied over recent years but variety is still somewhat lacking. Here are three Houston-area vegan businesses working with the A Bite of Hope program to provide fresh, healthy food options.

Vegans have increasingly more food options as time goes on. Ten years ago, being a vegan was kind of difficult unless virtually everything you ate was homemade. Even then, shopping options were limited and you almost certainly had to make stops at multiple stores if you were trying to prepare a complex meal. If you went to a restaurant, your vegan-friendly options were generally salad, salad, or salad with some obligatory tofu. 

Fortunately for vegans, more options have been brought to restaurant menus across the country but all-too-often they seem begrudgingly shoehorned in to accommodate vegans who are out to lunch or dinner with friends. Still, it’s nice to have the option of a meatless burger to go with your salad. 

The A Bite of Hope program is a Houston-based non-profit that promotes health through healthy eating. Because food businesses – from restaurants to chefs to food producers – truly represent the modern-day sources of food, A Bite of Hope supports and promotes food businesses that offer healthy food options within their communities. Vegan food businesses are an important part of the program so here are three Houston-area vegan businesses working with the A Bite of Hope program to provide fresh, healthy food options. 

Spoon & Sprout creates 100% plant-based meals, curated by founder Geetha Jayaraman, that are available as pre-prepared to-go meals or via catered events. Referring to her creations as “globally inspired” and avoiding terms like “vegan,” Geetha and her husband (he’s also her business partner) are amazing ambassadors for the healthy benefits of plant-based foods. “Engagement without proselytization” is a phrase they like to share because they recognize that the enthusiasm for plant-based foods and veganism can be overwhelming for some people who are interested in learning more but aren’t interested in being converted. While tempeh is their most popular dish, they also offer unique taco dishes, burritos, soups, stews, and much more. A passion of theirs is their delicious plantain chips, which they make with a special process they will not share or even give hints about.

Discover more about Spoon & Sprout at

Dulce Vida is a Houston-based family business started by Rick Faison that makes vegan sorbet in a variety of truly unique and memorable flavors. Every flavor they make is dairy-free, egg-free, and gluten-free. Their adherence to using all-natural, real fruits keeps their sorbets crisp and delicious. Their current fruit-flavored options include Strawberry Banana, Mango, Tamarind, and Mangonado. Additionally, they have an “adult” line of alcohol-infused sorbets that are nothing less than amazing. The alcohol-infused flavors currently include Berry Cognac, Texas Bourbon, and Rosé. Dulce Vida is a favorite at farmers’ markets around Houston and is making its way into a few stores.

You can order online at They deliver. 

GrassOntheGo was founded by Alan Barrera in 2010 to make the concentrated healthful benefits of wheatgrass juice accessible to everyone. While struggling through frightening health issues due largely to an unhealthy lifestyle, Alan was introduced to wheatgrass as an easy way to get the kinds of nutrients and fresh, natural foods his body desperately needed. Wheatgrass juice made such an extraordinary impact on his health and overall vitality that he began growing wheatgrass and started GrassOntheGo. Alan cultivates wheatgrass from the highest quality seeds and harvests it at its peak nutrient-rich moment before juicing, packing, and flash-freezing it to lock in those nutrients. When asked why he is so passionate about wheatgrass, he says, “Because being healthy should not be so difficult.” GrassOntheGo’s wheatgrass is available in shot-sized packets – they thaw in minutes – and they also produce beet juice which has complementary health benefits.

Learn more about GrassOntheGo at

For vegans and vegetarians looking for additional variety in their diets – or for any health-minded folks who simply want something different – these three businesses are fantastic options. They are all completely accessible in the Houston area, offering delivery and/or availability in multiple locations.

A Bite of HOPE is a Houston-based non-profit created to improve the future of communities that struggle with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease in Houston. By demonstrating the power that food has over health and by teaching communities how to make simple, cost-effective, and tasty meals, people can manage disease or conditions and will live healthier and happier lives.

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