CRINET, the first decentralized social network dedicated to the crypto community

A new rising star has been born inside the universe of the Social Networks: Crinet. Originated from an idea of Andrea Candiani, Crinet is the first decentralized platform that aims to merge the typical social interactions with the financial and investments aspects related to the cryptocurrency world.

The innovation brought by Crinet was not yet seen in any typical trading or social platforms before:

The privacy-focused concern is one of the main goals carried by the project; Crinet is the first platform that protects the integrity of its users while still being totally compliant with the international laws and legislations.

No cookies are collected inside the platform and no user’s interaction is tracked based on aggressive marketing campaigns and targeted advertising that binds user’s activity to specific personal and private interests.

The decentralization concept is a fundamental milestone that holds up the whole Crinet ecosystem in all of its aspects, from the technical development parts to the more general in-app platform browsing and tracking system.

Crinet adopts the concept of a shared economy system inside the platform, offering a bunch of interesting use-to-earn reward options that repay the users based on the interactions carried inside the platform: The more you use it, the more you earn.

This concept was born with the idea of rewarding people for their contribution of sharing ideas, technical analysis and more generally opinion about the trends of the moment, in order to help the more inexperienced users to build a solid critical awareness that can help them to move inside the crypto investments world.

With this in mind, the Crinet platform wants to create a solid deal to set up a local community where beginners can participate and get inspired.

Furthermore, Crinet is not only designed for novice users but offers specific solutions to professional traders, investors and experienced crypto enthusiasts in general. Starting from a deep and detailed chart analysis section to the internal incubation and launchpad platform that helps new emerging crypto projects to approach the market!

In an interview with Solana Foundation in Dubai, Crinet CEO Andrea Candiani said: “Everyone knows that blockchain technology is going to change the world, but the important question is whether people will really embrace it or not. The answer to this question lies in communities of people. Our platform allows everybody to gain followers, educate them, and in turn, educate others as well.”

Ultimately Crinet offers an all-in-one solution that can fit and help everybody’s needs, everything inside a stable decentralized platform that can facilitate the transactions, cooperation and information sharing among the participants of a self-sustainable network by enabling decentralized data allocations, protecting the data security and disrupting data concentration, allowing everybody to gain the most out of the digitalization era.

$CNT Token presale will start in March 2021 and will be composed from public FCFS rounds.

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