Cloud provider, Serverspace, impresses users with new Managed Kubernetes service

Cloud computing: a service that’s used so frequently in our everyday lives yet is so often overlooked in terms of management. Serverspace is an international cloud provider, which aims to provide customers – including developers, start-ups and IT teams – with greater opportunity to create expansive innovative projects using simple, reliable and available cloud infrastructure. Serverspace is part of the company group, an amalgamation of managed IT services to help your business grow. At the end of 2021, the provider launched the Managed Kubernetes service, which has already impressed users by quickly gaining their trust.
What is Kubernetes, you may ask? Also known as K8s, Kubernetes is a platform for application containerization, helping deploy, run, and manage them via nodes: virtual or physical machines. The platform is based on open-source code, opening up a host of new opportunities for developers to implement limitless ideas. Kubernetes helps businesses with monitoring and load balancing; easy scaling and automatic rollback of changes; safe processing of confidential data and uninterrupted operation.
From local testing to enterprise software development, Kubernetes offers a solution for a vast variety of tasks to help manage your business’ IT services. Serverspace users have access to a large ecosystem with a range of tools and services and if you’re unsure of how to use them, there is a user-friendly interface essential for both beginners and advanced developers alike. 
By launching a cluster at cloud provider, Serverspace, the world of Kubernetes is available to be explored, along with some distinctive features, including the selection of a High Availability cluster, which offers protection if one of the control plane nodes fails. Another feature distinct to the provider is that it enables the ingress controller to provide load balancing, and also allows the ability to migrate any application that supports Kubernetes to Serverspace. There is also the offer of full API support for working with the kubectl command-line interface, as well as other tools within the Kubernetes ecosystem.
Getting started with Serverspace Managed Kubernetes is quick and easy, thanks to developers having created a simple control panel. The user simply selects a data center and configures the group nodes. One Serverspace user said:
“Creating a cluster from UI (user interface) went pretty easy. The UI is intuitive and clean. I clicked on “Create Cluster”, got to choose from 4 geo regions… The nice touch is that cluster cost is presented clearly at the time of its creation”.
About Serverspace
Serverspace is an international cloud provider offering automatic deployment of Linux or Windows-based virtual infrastructure in less than a minute. Open API, CLI, and Terraform tools are available to integrate with client services.

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