HydroBlade™ | Where Water Has No Bounds

HydroBlade™ | Where Water Has No Bounds
The HydroBlade™ is an entirely new concept that reimagines the eFoil experience. The design advances rider control, enabling anyone to quickly and confidently ride. This new design resulted in a breakthrough in the recreational watersport market.

February 24th, 2022 – The HydroBlade uses efoil technology to advance performance and efficiency when journeying out in the water, emphasizing stability and rider control. The founder’s series will come with an exclusive graphic design and select upgrades that will stand out amongst their successors.

CEO & Lead Engineer Jamie Schlinkmann quotes, “We set out to develop the funnest, fastest, and best personal emobility experience. It is both evolutionary and revolutionary. Our proprietary arrangement improves the user experience through higher performance, improved safety, and easier maneuvering of the HydroBlade near shore and on land—such as to and from an automobile.”

The HydroBlade is designed and built in a facility based in the U.S. by a curated team of talented engineers. The new watercraft will have unique features that will elevate the foiling experience for riders at all skill levels. The HydroBlade model can easily be transported both near the shoreline and on the land, with its collapsible components making it easier to maneuver. The first release of the new HydroBlades will be endeared as the “Founder’s Club Series.” The Founder’s Series will come with an exclusive graphic finish that will stand out amidst the remaining models. It will also come with select upgrades to further enhance the experience. The HydroBlade™ team of multi-disciplined engineers has expertise ranging from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software development, battery design, and various other areas of specialties.

Those who would like to know more about this new and exciting take on eFoils, or see what else the company has to offer, visit their website at http://www.pelagion.com/.

About HydroBlade

The HydroBlade™ is an advancement to eFoil technology that allows riders to experience the best personal e-mobility experience on the water with higher performance, improved safety, and easier maneuvering to elevate the user experience. Pelagion is a subsidiary of their parent company Automatic Manufacturing Systems Inc, known for creating bespoke manufacturing solutions across many industries, including automotive.

Watch “The Challenges with Riding eFoils” video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G74UDeSNnsY

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