Spurring Positivity in Life through Blends of Neo-Soul, Pop, and Jazz: Wenso Ashby Returns with Bold New Album

Spurring Positivity in Life through Blends of Neo-Soul, Pop, and Jazz: Wenso Ashby Returns with Bold New Album
With enriching and magnetizing Jazz rhythms, Wenso Ashby’s latest offering, “The Perfect Flow” is a meaningful addition to the fabric of the genre.

Traversing through diverse musical genres, Wenso Ashby’s new album contains 9 magnetizing songs. Entitled “The Perfect Flow”, the newest release echoes a vibe reminiscent of the works of Quincy Jones, Robert Glasper and Brian Culbertson.

A fantastic production, the album melds together the best individual artists for each song while providing an overall continuity in the direction of the work itself. Through the lens of each characteristic and distinct style, “The Perfect Flow” traces the pathway toward self-reflection through a unique process.

Crafted as a beacon of positivity, the new album was mainly written and produced by seasoned songwriter, producer and pianist, Wenso Ashby. The album’s track ‘Fields of Wishes’ was co-written with the renowned guitarist Ken Navarro.

Recorded in Minneapolis at Tay Tay Tunes Studio and Logic Studio and engineered by maestro Brian Bart, “The Perfect Flow” encompasses a rich blend of Jazz, Pop, and R&B, with intricately woven rhythmic elements from the 70s.

Slated for release on March 27th , 2022, “The Perfect Flow” is set to precede Wenso Ashby’s 2022 promotional tour kicking off in Minneapolis in June. Imbued with a positive, feel-good vibe, the album is bound to touch the inner emotions of listeners. Shedding light upon the unparalleled talents of Ken Navarro, with 14 top up-and-coming artists including the likes of saxophonist Jason Peterson Delaire, bassist Yohannes Tona, saxophonist Antonio Jackson, vocalists Aimee K. Bryant and Thomasina Petrus, and several other exceptional artists.

“I believe in the moment rather than placing emphasis on what I have done in my past. Like so many artists I too have a history that reflects performing and sharing the stage with other national artists,” says Wenso regarding his musical inspiration.

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Wenso Ashby is a dynamic American contemporary Jazz pianist and prolific composer creating music that blends neo-soul, pop and smooth jazz. Galvanized by a continual love affair with music and the piano, Wenso was inspired to compose music that creates a relaxing mood with memorable moments for a lifetime.

Born to play, Wenso would make music out anything as a child and was known to be someone who could create melodies from anything- be it spoons, pots, and pans. His first instrument was an organ but later went on to learn multiple instruments, eventually learning the craft of playing the piano- an instrument that for him embodies every other instrument.

With his stunning new album, the artist invites listeners to listen, feel and explore the music he makes. He hopes people will witness a new discovery along the path of music in the journey of life. Wenso loves music and is passionate about being the best version of himself, aided through constructive criticism by loving fans.


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