Explore the SIDUS universe with the new Space Shuttles

Since the SIDUS team announced their upcoming plan to add the Space Shuttle feature in the game, it has raised loads of expectations and excitement. Many of the players are intrigued to know as many details about it as possible, to better understand the utility of the Space Shuttles. Considering the hefty value that would be spent to own a Space Shuttle, the SIDUS team stated that they are providing enough information and imparting as much knowledge as they could to respond to all queries and concerns players have about the Space Shuttles.

Space Shuttles are means of transportation across planets within the SIDUS universe. It is a spaceship that travels on autopilot which means that it does not require any special skill to be able to maneuver the vehicle. It is also important to note that there are still location restrictions for every type of transportation vehicle. This specific type of Space Shuttle is only permitted to explore neutral planets, orbital stations, and the SIDUS Central Station.

Check out SIDUS Twitter to be updated on the latest developments of the game. Here is a Twitter post about Space Shuttles: Space Shuttles – Heroes’ Means of Transportation

Space Shuttles are categorized according to their rarity level. There are 6 rarity levels in SIDUS HEROES which influence the Space Shuttles’ ability to travel. It defines the permissible planets that the vehicle can explore. Every planet has its respective ecosystem which entails a specific set of resources and materials available for farming. This also means that there are different creatures inhabiting each planet and these are monsters that must be defeated to gain rewards.

Another factor that affects the Heroes’ visit to a planet is the maximum time allowed for the Heroes to extract resources, which is set at 15 minutes. Within this duration, it should be expected that monsters native to the planet will continuously attack, and the longer the time that Heroes stay on the planet, the higher the aggression of the monsters. It is necessary to have a good strategy in place to be able to defeat the mob of monsters. Given that the aggressors are different across planets, every player has the freedom to choose which Heroes to use against them. There is a proper and appropriate combination of Heroes to use on every planet to be able to maximize the farming of resources. 

Read more about the Space Shuttles on SIDUS’ official blog site: 

Everything You Need to Know About Traveling in a Space Shuttle

Space Shuttles allows access to various planets allowing players to farm resources that they can utilize or sell for profit. Furthermore, another income-generating feature is the ability to allow the rental of Space Shuttle to other players. The price and terms are dependent on what the owner will specify. 

With the enumerated benefits of owning a Space Shuttle, SIDUS’ team has established that the expense upon acquiring it is worth every token. 

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