Embracing and Enjoying Motherhood One Step at a Time with New Mom Boss

Changing the world one mama and baby at a time.

They say that motherhood completely changes a woman’s life and as much as this change is exciting, it can also be a challenging experience. With the New Mom Boss, there’s no need to worry as they help moms feel more calm and prepared to welcome their precious baby into their arms.

Preparing for childbirth is one thing and people have always had grand ideas on birth plans, but having the inside scoop on postpartum is essential as this period lasts longer. On a mission to change the stereotype that more preparations are done for weddings, Kallista Andersen, new mom coach and educator, is putting motherhood in the forefront of priorities.

With postpartum preparations in the limelight, Kallista is hosting a five day workshop starting March 18, 2022. This way, every expecting mother has a chance to be extra prepared not just for birthing but also for what is to come ahead. Don’t miss out on this as enrollment starts on March 1, 2022.

As the New Mom Boss online community continues to grow, Kallista also hosts the New Mom Boss Podcast that is readily available in Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Get ready to transition to motherhood and experience the firsts of everything confidently as a new mom. Visit the New Mom Boss website at https://www.newmomboss.com/ to know more.

About New Mom Boss

New Mom Boss is an online community for moms founded by Kallista Andersen. She is on a mission to help new moms feel like a boss at motherhood. From pregnancy to welcoming babies in arms and beyond, she offers education, support, as well as her own experience.

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