Creative BioMart Released a Wide Range of Protein Kinases Products Recently

Creative BioMart today announced the release of a wide range of protein kinases products to assist scientists in protein research all over the world better.

New York, USA – February 25, 2022 – Creative BioMart, a quality protein products and services provider, today announced the release of a wide range of protein kinases products to assist scientists in protein research all over the world better.

Protein kinases act on specific proteins and alter their activity. These kinases play a wide range of roles in cell signaling and their complex life activities. Different other kinases act on small molecules (lipids, sugars, amino acids, nucleosides, etc.) to signal or prepare them for various biochemical reactions in metabolism.

Genetic alterations in protein kinases can impair their biological functions, leading to deregulation of cellular pathways, for example, apoptosis, cell cycle regulation, proliferation, angiogenesis, differentiation, and cell metabolism. Mutations in kinase-encoding genes have been observed in many pathological conditions ranging from cancer, inflammatory diseases and cardiovascular diseases to neurodegeneration. In addition, certain kinase mutations have been implicated in acquired drug resistance. Therefore, mutant kinases rapidly become important drug targets and become the focus of drug discovery and development efforts.

To assist scientists with their research, Creative BioMart provides a comprehensive list of kinases proteins based on different species including: Pig, Rat, Bovine, Mouse, Zebrafish, Human, Chicken, Rhesus Macaque, Cynomolgus Monkey, etc. and sources including: mammalian cells, mouse, rabbit, insect cells, yeast, CHO, human cells, HEK293 cell, Sf9 insect cell, wheat germ, etc.

Featured products include but not limited to: Recombinant Rat Aak1, His-tagged, Recombinant Bovine AAK1, His-tagged, Recombinant Human AAK1 cell lysate, Recombinant Human ABL1, SH3 Domain, GST-tagged, Recombinant Human ACTR2, Recombinant Mouse Acvr2a, His tagged, Recombinant Mouse ACVR2B, Fc-His tagged, Recombinant Chicken ACVR2B, Recombinant Zebrafish ACVR2B, Recombinant Human ADCK1 Protein, GST-tagged, etc.

“We are excited for the release of a wide range of protein kinase products to progress our scientists toward research findings. And we plan to enlarge our catalog continuously based on your needs.” Said Linna, the chief marketing staff at Creative BioMart.

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