BootyFit+: New innovative Multifunctional workout machine debuts on Kickstarter

BootyFit+ is a unique versatile workout machine that assures effective exercise for different parts of the body with one all-in-1 workout machine only. 

Germany-based innovative workout equipment company, My Booty Fitness, just launched its revolutionary multifunctional workout machine on Kickstarter that will allow users to perform several kinds of workouts with just one single machine. Titled “BootyFit+”, the next-gen workout machine can be used for workouts for all major parts of the body, such as glutes, back, chest, arm, and shoulders.

The FIRST-of-its-kind, BootyFit+ is an exclusive combination of stability, functionality, as well as safety into one single comfortable and compact glute workout device. The workout machine was initially designed for intense hip thrusts but later on, was modified into a versatile workout tool for all major body parts. 

“We are excited to bring to you our breakthrough all-in-1 workout machine that will enable you to perform exercises for all parts of your body through just one single machine. No longer would you have to waste money on multiple bulky gym equipment or gym membership; BootyFit+ is not only multifunctional but also comfortable and compact and allows you to maintain your regular full-body workout session from the safety of your home only”, stated Isabelle Klaver from My Booty Fitness. 

A major USP of BootyFit+ is its unique Z-shaped frame. The frame is intelligently designed in a “Z” shape because the strategic design allows more contact surface to the bottom rectangular frame, thereby assuring optimum support, sturdiness, and stability. The workout machine is further fitted with an ergonomic cushion to ensure the most comfortable workout sessions.

“BootyFit+ has been designed with great care with only the most premium quality materials to ensure absolute sturdiness, stability, and safe operation. It comes with high-quality resistance bands that will boost up the efficacy quotient of your workout regimen and enable you to amp up your endurance and muscular power yet without damaging the joints and muscles. We have used premier quality steel for the machine frame, an extremely comfortable PU leather cushion, as well as unique Z-shaped for a dose of luxury as well.”

Top features of BootyFit+

  • Extremely sturdy, strong, and stable
  • The versatile machine allows multiple kinds of workouts with just one single machine
  • Unique Z-shaped design assures great support and safety
  • Easily adjustable high-grade steel tube frame
  • Solid oak footboard with anti-slip facility
  • Durable mount points for resistance bands
  • Ergonomic cushion
  • Compact design allows easy storage and portability
  • Minimalist, elegant, and contemporary design
  • Available in gorgeous colors

“BootyFit+ is ‘the’ versatile workout machine that we all have been looking for all these years. It will enable you to get rid of all those unwanted calorie gains just from the comfort of your own home only- and also without wasting money on multiple workout equipment. As of now, we are looking for mass production and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring this revolutionary workout machine to life and make workout sessions more effective safer, comfortable, and easier than ever.”

Backers will be rewarded with special Kickstarter discounts on BootyFit+ machines.

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