Arthritis Treatment in San Jose: Best Pain Specialist Explains Options

There is no doubt one of the most debilitating pains that affect people is arthritis. The idea that only the elderly suffer arthritis is incorrect, as there is juvenile arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, both of which can affect people at any time and of any age.

There are medications available for treatment, but there are other options as well. Scott Lamb is a well known arthritis treatment specialist in San Jose, California, and has been working with many people in the San Jose area for years with a variety of ailments from surgical recovery to arthritis treatment.

“Arthritis affects different people in different ways. Finding solutions means tailoring treatment to the individual, and this is something my team and I try to do for all of our clients,” said Lamb.

By looking at the individual, Lamb is better able to determine the best treatment for arthritis for those in San Jose, CA. Clients report considerable success over their pain after visiting Lamb and following his treatment options.

“It sounds strange, but movement and activity is one of the best treatments for arthritis. Sitting and being idle does no good for the body. I have my clients moving as much as they can handle, even if it means walking to the car and front door. Any movement is better than none,” said Lamb.

Lamb is recognized as the best arthritis specialist in San Jose, CA, and welcomes referrals from physicians and hospitals. More information, including a list of services and contact information, is on the website. Go to for details.

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