AngryDwarvesTribeNFT launches NFT project created from a community of rug pull victims

In the wake of a $3 million scam, battered and broken Dwarves banded together to create AngryDwarvesTribeNFT, a new tribe that aims to become a game-changer in the brave new world of NFTs.

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Angry Dwarves Tribe is out to become a game-changer in the market by launching a project run by the community of a rugged project called Rich Dwarves Tribe. It now navigates its way to recapture loot, collecting weapons, and tools, with a goal of finding the Mines and redeeming themselves. 

“It’s a project for the community, run by the community which is the most important of the values to us. We include the whole tribe in decision-making by way of votes to keep it fair to everyone,” a representative said in the statement.

Owners of the Rich Dwarves Tribe project took over $3 million with them, leaving the whole community of Dwarves with worthless NFTs. They originally sold for 0.2 Ethereum, which was roughly $650 at the time. Some bought 1, while others bought 4.

“We did not want to sit still and get the better of us. That’s why some of the elected Council members pushed to save the community by creating a new Discord server and started to make a plan on how to take things forward,” a representative said in a statement.

The group has quickly established a project team, most of whom didn’t know each other’s IRL. It comprises Project Leads, Social Media Team, a fully doxed treasury team to handle the finances, admins, MOD’s, and a newly formed council to ensure everything is voted on properly.

The project is entirely transparent, right down to the financials, the artwork, everything. All previous RDT NFT holders that minted or bought before the rug was confirmed will receive up to two free NFT’s. If members buy 1 RDT, they get one free ADT. 

AngryDwarvesTribeNFT announced that Phase One of the project would have a total supply of 5,555 Angry Dwarves Tribe NFT’s. A limited number of Angry Dwarves will be provided for free to members with proof of Rich Dwarves Tribe NFT ownership.

Directly after sellout, AngryDwarvesTribeNFT holders will automatically qualify and be rewarded with 100% of the royalties from secondary sales on Opensea. Dividends will be paid every three months. There are also further passive income opportunities, which will ensure that holders and the community benefit from being an investor in the project.

One community member said, “It’s one of the best roadmaps I have seen in a project. It truly delivers what an NFT project should and that’s why it will do really well.”

Rhoser, a US-based artist, serves as AngryDwarvesTribeNFT’s artist who understood the group’s plight and did the art with a small down-payment until after mint given the team’s circumstances. Many people have invested their own funds to help pay for Discord Server settings, website build, a down payment on the designs and advertising.

The team behind the project are all normal people, with normal lives, full-time jobs, families, kids, making the venture even more phenomenal. In just ten days, AngryDwarvesTribeNFT already owns an artwork, the website, a wallet address, a roadmap with IRL utilities to give holders money back.

Those who want to learn more about AngryDwarvesTribeNFT may visit the website for more information and join the Discord community to stay up-to-date with all announcements.

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