TacNation Offers Premium Gel Blasters, Accessories, Gel Balls, and Tactical Gear at Highly Approachable Prices

TacNation is an Australian-based company that offers a broad array of gel blasters, accessories, and tactical gadgets.

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Gel blasting is widely recognized as a convenient substitute for airsoft, foam dart, and paintball guns. The popularity of gel blasting surged in Australia when blasters became classified as toys in 2017, and dozens of people wanted to give this exciting hobby a whirl. 

TacNation’s doors were open to new gel blasting enthusiasts. The brand offers the finest gel blasting rifles, pistols, sub-machine guns, snipers, and shotties, vests, gloves, batteries, foregrips, as well as bulk packages of gel balls at highly approachable prices.  

TacNation’s gel blasting specialist Jack held a video presentation, explaining why TacNation’s products are among the most sought-after on the Australian market:

“The sport of gel blasting is a fun and exhilarating activity enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels. Gel blasters are lightweight toy guns that shoot non-toxic, biodegradable gel balls, meaning they’re environmentally friendly, safe, with no mess to clean up.”


The brand’s catalog of tactical gear features a variety of leg holsters, tactical gloves, rifle bags, mesh eyeglasses, face masks, combat vests, and helmets. All TacNation tactical gear products can be used outside of gel blasting activities and were made to last decades.

Dozens of exquisite accessories for gel blasting can be purchased at TacNation’s shop. From battery chargers and adaptors, over lasers and LED torches, to model-specific magazines, scopes, and suppressors, TacNation ensures that the needs of even the most demanding veterans of gel blasting are catered to. 

The brand boasts a versatile arsenal comprised of 38 premium quality gel blasters, including SKD Glock 18, Desert Eagle, SKD Beretta M92, Mac 10, M90 Shotty, and HK416D V3, as well as the popular light machine gun SAW M249, Kriss Vector V2, the iconic Barrett M82A1 Sniper, and more. 

The concept of M4A1 V8, the iconic assault rifle, was borrowed to design the M4A1 gel blaster, which is one of the best-selling models that is always first to leave TacNation’s shelves:

“In the gel blaster range, the M4A1 V8 is the favorite, and rightly so. Out of the box, for the price, you won’t find a better performing and versatile blaster that is so modifiable. Whether this is your first gel blaster, or if you are a seasoned enthusiast, the M4A1 V8 is a great gel blaster to have in your collection.”

Additionally, TacNation offers multiple gel ball packages and ball-loading systems, including the Gel Ball Speed Loader, the Warinterest Heavy Gel Ball pack, YBX’s Heavy Gel Ball pack, and the Alpha King Tenacity package. 


TacNation continually updates its catalog of gel blasters, tactical gear, and gel blasting accessories. By following the brand’s newsletter, customers and gel blasting enthusiasts will be able to find the latest news regarding TacNation’s newest additions and sales. 

More information about TacNation is available on the brand’s official website.

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