Walt McKinley Debuts New #1 Best Selling Book, “Monsters In My House, A True Story”

A trauma to triumph story for the ages giving readers inspiration to massively change their life!

February 25, 2022 – Walt McKinley is an inspirational speaker, trainer, and #1 bestselling author of “Monsters In My House, A True Story”, who delivers memorable keynote presentations and training, focused on creating a positive mindset, healing trauma, and the 4 keys to living an extraordinary life.

Walt is passionate about speaking life into the world because of his own childhood journey that included; extreme abuse, fourteen childhood moves, homelessness, and an attempted teen suicide all culminating with testifying against his father in court at 16. His comeback story is one for the ages and reminds us life is truly limitless. His conversations on how to live your power, potential, and purpose are life changing.

We are at a crossroads and society’s mental health is suffering more than ever. In the last two years, anxiety and depression have risen 31%. People are living lives of quiet desperation and struggling to heal past traumatic experiences. Walt is on a mission to remove the stigma of trauma, and its effects on our mental health, while showing others how they can find true happiness.

Walt uses his extraordinarily diverse life experiences to show your history doesn’t define your legacy. He shares stories and tangible approaches with audiences to create a mentality of healing, purpose, and success. We are at a turning point and need strong voices who can show others how to unlock their full potential using real experiences.

More information can be found at www.waltmckinley.com

About Walt McKinley

Walt has dedicated his life to speaking and training society on the powerful impact overcoming traumatic experiences has on our mental health, families, and future generations. Walt is a retired Naval Intelligence Officer and former Fortune 300 Corporate Executive who’s led high performing global teams for over 25 years. He curated a heart centered, uplifting, and empowering leadership style that built top performing organizations that achieved record breaking results around the world. Walt is also a corporate consultant providing training on how to build high performing team first cultures using his “boots and boardroom” experiences.

Walt can be reached at www.waltmckinley.com

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