Laser Wellness offering huge discount on HIFEM body contouring treatments for members

HIFEM Body Contouring technique is more effective than other existing body contouring techniques since the latest one not only reduces fat but also helps to power up and tone up the muscles.

Canada – February 25, 2022 – Laser Wellness is glad to announce that it is currently offering a sale on membership for HIFEM Body Contouring treatment. The leading laser and non-laser treatment facility provides the state-of-the-art HIFEM Body Contouring treatment through Body Contouring Clinic for GTA clients. The latest FDA-approved body contouring treatment not only helps to reduce fat but also improves muscle tone.

Body Contouring Clinic offers two kinds of pricing options for HIFEM Body Contouring sessions- with membership and without membership. Members will enjoy a significant discount on ALL HIFEM body contouring treatments. The membership fee is only $50 (auto renewable once a year, cancel anytime). Currently, the HIFEM sessions are available at just $150 per session instead of the regular price of $375, assuring huge savings of over 75% for members.

As of now, there are 5 FDA-approved body contouring techniques – laser, cryolipolysis, radiofrequency, focused ultrasound, and the latest High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Field (HIFEM) treatments. The major USP that makes HIFEM stand out among the rest is that while the other 4 only focus on reducing fat, HIFEM is the only one that concentrates on both decreasing fat and building muscle tone.

HIFEM treats by directing a powerful but harmless form of electromagnetic stimulation to target areas that helps to create strong muscle contraction. These magnetic fields work to generate electric current that is passed to the muscles. It leads to multiple contractions of muscles over a brief period of time which eventually helps to burn unwanted fat and build muscles.  A single session takes no more than 30 minutes and involves no downtime.

“Other body contouring techniques cause reduction in abdominal circumference through just fat reduction. But why HIFEM is more effective is because this cutting-edge technique reduces abdominal circumference by not only fat reduction but also through repair of rectus musculature. The process works the same as an extreme training session at the gym and helps to deeply reshape and tone the internal structure of muscles which eventually helps to improve muscle volume and density”, stated the leading spokesperson from Body Contouring.

“A lot of people are apprehensive of hitting the gym in the pandemic times – but HIFEM ensures that you don’t have to skip out on improving core strength and training even when you are out of the gym.”

Several studies have reported positive experiences with HIFEM. According to the reports, patients opting for HIFEM have experienced 30% less fat, 25% more muscle, and 19% reduction in abdominal separation. They have also reported around 5.9 cm of reduction in waist circumference. Additionally, HIFEM leads to 30% improvement in satellite cell content that is equivalent to 36% increase achieved through around 3 months of exercise.

“HIFEM is effective to reduce stubborn fat, strengthen and enhance core muscles as well as improve overall wellness, especially for those in desk jobs. It’s a non-invasive procedure and assures long-lasting results. However, we would recommend touch-up sessions after every 3-4 months and our membership special will be an economical option here.”

HIFEM body contouring has not shown any major adverse side effects till date.

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