Katherine Starr, Two-Time Olympian, Tackles Athlete Abuse in New Book

Katherine Starr, an Olympian, has released her personal memoirs which details her struggles with her Olympic coach abuse at the peak of her career.


For a long time, the issue of coach-athlete abuse in sports had been spoken of in hushed tones. Athletes who had been victimized were coerced, forced, and sometimes even blackmailed into keeping quiet by authorities they trusted. Some who dared to speak up were summarily punished and blacklisted. Things are, however, no longer the same as wronged athletes are now speaking out. 

A major example took place during the last Olympics where hundreds of women gymnasts came forward with allegations of such egregious abuse against Larry Nassar. Katherine Starr led the way for this unprecedented move to encouraged both former and current athletes to speak out about any abuse they faced in the course of doing sports. After a decade of working with athletes share their story it was time for Olympian, Katherine Starr to share hers.


In her autobiography aptly titled Rescue Me: A Powerful Memoir by an Olympian, Katherine Starr takes readers on a deeply personal journey through her triumph in sports. Most importantly, she details the horrific abuse she faced from her coach and the pain and suffering that came with living with it for decades. According to Katherine, “My book is a deep dive into the world of athlete abuse in sport.”

Katherine Starr is not new to speaking out against athlete abuse in sports. In 2011, the two-time Olympian founded Safe4Athletes, a non-profit program that addresses all forms of abuse in sports. The program aims to tackle the issue of abuse, bullying, and harassment at the local level. And it does this by educating team management, coaches, athletes, and parents with polices and Athlete Welfare Advocate’s to move the power into the athletes hands.

Currently, Katherine Starr has developed a reputation for her expertise and eloquence on coach-athlete abuse. Her Safe4Athletes program was instrumental in bringing this topic into the mainstream. As a result, Katherine has been featured on ESPN (Outside the Lines), NBC Sports Radio, NPR, BBC Radio, The New York Times, The Takeaway, CBS Sports Radio, Take Part Five (PIVOT Channel), Aljazeera America, as well as other nationally recognized media outlets.  


After tirelessly devoting ten years of her life to addressing athlete abuse, in 2021, Katherine Starr turned her attention to, yet another issue plaguing sports: Integrity. With Team Athlete Integrity, her new company, the Olympian hopes to work with all stakeholders in sport to find the path of integrity. In her own words, “Our mission is to inspire athletes to win from within with integrity. Our coaching style develops the athletes’ voice, works with athletes to develop a complete plan for the current and afterlife of sports while addressing patterns that athletes have formed from their historical influencers. Our coaching is designed to inspire both active and retired athletes to find integrity in all aspects of their life.”

Katherine is a two-time Olympian, 1984 and 1988, with Great Britain. She won two silver medals at the Commonwealth Games in 1986. Katherine also experienced success at the collegiate level in swimming for the University of Texas at Austin, participating in three NCAA championship teams, and was a 14-time All-American. She now spends her time as a life coach to athletes, helping them find their true north star. Katherine is also available for speaking engagements and other bookings.

Rescue Me: A Powerful Memoir by an Olympian is available in both paperback and hardcover. 

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