Sound Diversity LLC Designs A New App To Facilitate Connectivity Among Cyclists, Skateboarders, and Roller Bladers

A community to help cyclists, skateboarders, and roller bladers connect

Sound Diversity LLC is thrilled to announce its new Application designed to facilitate connectivity among those who ride bikes, skateboards, longboards, roller skates, inline skates, and personal electric vehicles (electric boards, electric bikes, etc.). The App, RIDECOM.APP, will help these people easily find themselves, plan group rides or events, and connect for just any purpose. It is an App offering free services with no membership or ride host fees attached.

The company understands that the ride community is fast-growing, and there is an increased demand for connectivity. For the most part, cyclists, skateboarders, and rollerbladers strengthen and advance their communities through events, sit-outs, and hangouts. In this regard, RIDECOM.APP was uniquely designed for them to share their experiences, find new friends, and discover events and marketplace items for sale through its location search. The company’s ultimate goal is to support the ride culture by connecting people who are in the business of skating, cycling, mountain biking, and more in the most exciting way.

On the App, users can locate members by City, State/Province, Country, Gender, and Interest group. They are also afforded the opportunity to view members on an interactive map by the proximity of their profile location or by location entered. Also, the search feature allows users to choose the kind of members they want to connect with. Interestingly, users can add friends to allow them to view other users’ posts on their home page feed, post blogs, events, photos, videos, items for sale, and Create groups, business pages, and polls for voting. Intending to protect users’ privacy, the App allows users to customize their privacy settings to suit their needs.

“Whether you prefer the manual push of gravity sports or the latest personal electric vehicle, if you’re into wheeled transport, we are the community for you. We all ride for the fun of it, and some of us love the competitive side of it too. Our site members attend, film, and also host area events and group rides, and we welcome you to join us,” said the company’s spokesperson.

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