19 Year Old Evan Robles: A Generation-Z Masterpiece

19 Year Old Evan Robles: A Generation-Z Masterpiece
Influencer, Digital Creator, Cryptocurrency Analyst, 19 years old Evan Robles is teaching how to invest and make money off crypto.

Miami, Florida – Evan Robles is a Digital Creator and Cryptocurrency Analyst with an extensive background in the finance and banking industries. Evan is a passionate individual who has proved his prowess as a cryptocurrency marketer, financer, Mortgage Loan Originator, and trend analyst on the largest social platforms today. With an amassed following of over 250k+ on his channels, he has substantial experience in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi)  which has been a primary ratifier of his proficiency as a well-known educator and expert in the space. He acts as a beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency and assists investors in increasing returns through crypto products.

Born in Miami, Florida, Evan received his primary education from the City of Pembroke Pines Charter High School. As a child, Evan had a great interest in the role numbers and technology played in financial instruments and investment accounts. He pursued his feverish passion for technology by self-learning about the latest market trends and technological developments in blockchain to work more efficiently and achieve success. Evan is currently studying for an MBA in Finance at the Huizenga College of Business at NSU.

Bank Services

Technological advancements and transformation to online banking have clouded many with the confusion of how the modernized, constantly evolving finance system functions. Evan provides clients with a better understanding of the ongoing upheaval in the banking business fueled by pervasive online accessibility and financial products. He assists clients in discovering lending institutions that are more convenient for business payments and money transfers, as well as more cost-effective, with low service charges. Evan provides all sorts of crypto-related education and services, from opening an account, funding, transferring, staking, NFTs, Token Development, strategy, APY, APR, fee sheets, spreads, US regulatory insight, Game Theory, KYC/AML, 2FA, derivatives, Stablecoins, altcoins, Tokenomics, and consensus algorithms.

Loan Services

Evan Robles is a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator in Florida, under Innovate Mortgage Inc. He specializes in many loan products ranging from non-conforming to Jumbo loans. He makes sure his clients experience a smooth and quick process of acquiring a loan by taking care of all the requirements such as the purchasing and refinancing process. At the wholesale level, Evan will pre-qualify and seek approval from a diverse pool of mortgage investors, that will ensure clients are getting the best rate and terms possible with each transaction. With a strong credit score, a low debt-to-income (DTI) ratio, and cash reserves, Evan prepares a portfolio that entails no chance of loan rejection.

Cryptocurrency Analyst and Blockchain Connoisseur

To sum it all up before the details follow, Evan Robles makes crypto easy for the average investor or beginner. He makes sense of all the terminologies that still feel alienated, Web3 for example, a set of decentralized blockchain-based technologies that enable new businesses and social paradigms. With web3, users control their data, identity, content, and algorithms. The rise of bitcoin as a consequence of the Great Recession in 2008 to the view of the world’s digital finances today, Evan is an astute innovator that proudly hodls his crypto. For beginners, Evans goes as basic as to explain that a blockchain is a decentralized ledger that records all peer-to-peer transactions. Participants can confirm transactions without the requirement for a central clearing authority using this technology. Fund transfers, trade settlement, voting, and a variety of other difficulties are all possible applications, Evan explains it all!

A basic understanding paves the way for an entry into the world of Cryptocurrency but it takes a far greater understanding of the decentralized finance world to take calculated risks and increase passive income through Cryptocurrency. With the best investment strategy during the economic recession to where and how to move around in the Crypto World, Evan has an answer for all of it. Evan is currently the founder and CEO of many blockchain-based ventures that can be found on his personal site.

Social Media Presence

Millennial and Generation Z individuals are keen on connecting with people on a personal level. Be it their clients, people in the proximity of their workspace, or others. Social Media has provided easy access to people to connect beyond the professional relationship. This has enabled a better work relationship infused with care and more dedication. Evan Robles is a prominent Social Media Influencer. With a following of 35.3K plus followers on his personal TikTok, Evans likes to share his intellect and knowledge about the world of digital finance with people. His collaboration with various NFT projects has helped in making them a successful sell-out while maintaining a loyal community. Certainly, Evan Robles has made a difference in many people’s lives with his knowledge providing profound insight about NFTs. Additionally, he runs a Youtube Channel where he released content 6 times a day!

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