JASMINER: The Growth Path of High-throughput Chip

The Growth Path of High-throughput Chip “The Chosen Son”

At present, the wave of mobile Internet is sweeping the world and rapidly changing the traditional business landscape. Many new brands are emerging in this tide, some of them are fleeting, and some have successfully grown into industry giants with this wave.

In the list of hot new brands in the field of hash power products in the world recently, JASMINER is the one that cannot be avoided. Originally, the hash power brand JASMINER, which had a relatively high recognition among niche groups, occupied the high ground of Internet traffic for a long time due to the public opinion turmoil. On the other hand, the brand awareness of JASMINER has spread to all corners of the world.

From netizens’ complaints to official clarifications, on the one hand, JASMINER has won a huge amount of free exposure opportunities in various forward or reverse discussions; on the other hand, with the increasing voice of doubt, some points worth discussing in the JASMINER brand and products have also been amplified. If these bad sounds are not handled well, it is very likely that they will cause more damage to the brand in the future.

What kind of brand is JASMINER? Is it more gimmick than reality or does it really have something to praise? On the way of JASMINER to high-end brands, the complaints that caused a frenzy of public opinion are just the beginning of it facing the vast number of global consumers, and there will be more problems that need to be solved in the future.

Speaking of JASMINER, its self-developed X4 series chips have to be mentioned. In 2021, with the core brand concept of “computing power makes the world a better place”, JASMINER leads the industry to release a new generation of “integrated high-throughput computing power chip with storage and computing” – JASMINER X4, which will make a strong entry into the global high-throughput chip market. In such a difficult and dangerous year, JASMINE has completed the so-called impossible tasks by the outside world with its “high-throughput, low-power consumption” product strength and innovative marketing model. Its annual sales exceeded the US$78.4 million mark, which refreshed the value of the global computing power brand and successfully ranked first among the world’s high-throughput computing power chip product brands.

Looking at the current global computing power product market, although “high computing power” is one of the bright spots, in the computing power market with the theme of environmental protection, new requirements are also put forward for energy consumption transformation. For a newly established computing power product brand, especially a new global high-end brand, it is quite limited in the long run to only own products in any one of the market segments. However, JASMINER seems to be ready for this. Thanks to the core technology of “integration of storage and computing”, JASMINER has launched a new generation of computing power server products in the form of 1U in the field of high-throughput products. Due to its great advantages in interface density and throughput capacity, and at the same time optimizing the heat dissipation processing module to further reduce power consumption, it can effectively solve the problems of inflexible data acquisition and occupying environmental space. It has greatly broken through the innovative application space of high-throughput products. In addition to relying on the product advantages of “high throughput and low power consumption”, JASMINER has also quickly won the recognition of the global high-throughput computing power product market with higher technical standards, flexibility and versatility, and stand at the forefront of the global computing power wave.

This is not only an era of relying on product strength to speak, but also an era of relying on benign service concepts to obtain traffic. As a global computing power brand in the new era, while JASMINER strives to create reliable computing power products for users, it also shows a calm temperament and technical heritage that does not match its age, whether it is at the product level, market strategy level, or service level. Many well-known technology bloggers stated in their respective product evaluation videos that JASMINER products equipped with high-throughput chips can not only continuously output, but also do not consume a lot of power consumption. This is a very meaningful innovation in low-power technology for high-throughput chips. In addition, the new marketing model also highlights JASMINER’s “individual and open” brand characteristics, bringing users a simple, relaxed, smooth and beautiful shopping experience in all aspects of channels, logistics, products, payment, and services.

Between 2021 and 2022, for the entire industry, it can be described as difficult. Affected by the epidemic environment, many industries are also facing a situation of reshuffle. Faced with such a situation, JASMINER took no hassle in the “cold market”, replaced “high-speed development” with “high-quality development” to lay a solid foundation, and improved its brand competitiveness by improving product layout and strengthening the distribution system. It is this “steady” strength that has achieved the steady and rising development trend of JASMINER. Under the halo and doubts, JASMINER has become a fast-growing global high-throughput chip brand.

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