Carlton E. Bynum II’s Success Has Skyrocketed Him Into the World’s TOP 0.01%

Carlton E. Bynum II’s Success Has Skyrocketed Him Into the World’s TOP 0.01%
Thanks to the success of his digital marketing empire, Carlton E. Bynum has made it into the world of the business elite.

In just 8 years, Carlton E. Bynum II has transformed raw technical and creative expertise into storybook success as his marketing solutions firm, The Ad Genius, continues to take the world of digital marketing by storm. Today, Bynum sits among the pantheon of business elite who can proudly proclaim that they are the top 0.01%.

So, how did it all start? After serving in the United States Marine Corps, Bynum set out with a simple idea—to transform the way that businesses use social media and digital platforms to market their products and services. His goal? Shift the focus to the consumer.

By marrying multi-million-dollar technologies with mathematical analytics, Bynum was able to establish the core values of The Ad Genius—individualized, meaningful, and intimate interactions between brands and their consumers. The trick? Find what speaks most to the buyer.

Rather than simply cold selling, The Ad Genius helps brands identify their core market and home in on what makes individuals want to buy. With clarified SEO outputs and targeted product development, The Ad Genius has pushed companies to strive for success at the top of Google’s search algorithm while maximizing their social media presence.

Bynum’s Victories Translate Into Success for His Clients 

Today, Bynum’s platform has gone on to serve over 30,000 satisfied customers by providing quality SEO solutions, industry-leading growth rates, tens of thousands of user interactions, and advanced development strategies. Yet Bynum isn’t satisfied simply running one of the hottest digital marketing firms. His focus has now turned to sharing his knowledge for the benefit of other advertisers.

At the age of just 24, Bynum published his first book, The 24 Year Old Ad Genius, detailing his meteoric rise towards financial independence. Paired with the publication, he has also introduced a comprehensive course mentoring hopeful entrepreneurs on how to successfully navigate the modern age of digital marketing and social media branding.

Throughout the course, Bynum introduces potential marketers to the main tenants of effective web design, campaign management, and media outreach. By basing his mentorship on his own successes and failures, Bynum is able to convey the exact path by which he made it into the world of successful business ventures.

Carlton E. Bynum II is available at his dedicated Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and his services through The Ad Genius can be enlisted at monthly and yearly rates. For more information on Bynum’s educational course, head to his personal website where you can enroll today.

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