Marshall Rogan Inu – A decentralized and community-driven platform supporting fighters

What happens when you take a strong and passionate community of MMA fans and mix them with a crypto project? You end up with something amazing!

That something amazing is Marshall Rogan Inu, or $MRI. Since its incorporation, $MRI has been promoted by a number of MMA superstars, and for good reason. The team at $MRI identified an immediate need for fighters around the globe to be able to access its support system.

Being a professional MMA fighter is a dream come true for many of these athletes, and a dream they quite literally fight to keep alive every day. The harsh reality is that while the UFC may be a $4billion dollar industry, there are about 36% of fighters that earn around $46k per year. If a fighter is fighting twice per year for an average paycheck of $25k per fight, you then have to take into consideration the cost a fighter incurs for training camps, which is roughly $10k per fight. On top of that, you have to factor in an additional $6k in travel and taxes, which then nets the fighters just about $9k per fight!

Now, the top earners in the sport who are earning millions of dollars may not feel these costs, but for the average fighter they certainly add up. A great number of fighters are left with

barely enough to cover living expenses and support their family, and often must choose between pursuing their dreams or getting a job just to live. It’s also commonplace for a fighter to fight injured or not at 100% because they simply can not afford to skip a fight and skip a paycheck. These issues don’t sit right with the team at $MRI: These professional athletes put their bodies on the line for our entertainment and deserve more.

This is where $MRI has taken it upon itself to be a gamechanger with our decentralized and fully community-driven platform. To date, $MRI has donated over $500k to MMA fighters around the world. These donations are for helping the fighters support their families, for the costs they are hit with when it comes to things like training camps, coaching, nutrition, medical treatment, and to fund bonuses for show/win.

Because of the great intentions behind this project, it should be no surprise that the traction is picking up rapidly. With 40+ MMA-sponsored athletes already receiving benefits, there is plenty more in the pipeline for $MRI. During his post-fight interview at UFC271, Bobby Green showed his support for $MRI, as did Roxanne Modaferri during her post-fight press conference. These are just two of the growing list of sponsored athletes which you can see more of below.

  • Chael Sonnen
  • Bobby Green
  • Roxanne Modaferri
  • Korean Zombie
  • Brandon Moreno
  • Kyler Phillips
  • Derek Brunson
  • Fabio Cherrant
  • Ian Heinisch

And many many more! Follow our Twitter account to keep up with the news.

The team at $MRI is committed to aggressively market and continue to help as many of these athletes as possible. As more and more athletes are sponsored and the project continues to grow, the days of needing to fight while injured just so as to not miss a paycheck will soon be a thing of the past. These amazing athletes are trying to fulfill their dreams, and $MRI will do everything in its power to make sure those dreams continue to be a reality.

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