NFT project StreetPunks is following in the footsteps of the multi million-dollar project CryptoPunks

StreetPunks launched their NFT mint the 22/02/2022 and is showing promising results, with their premium quality (hand drawn) NFTs they show to be true to their vision “to be the Catalysts on the Binance Smart Chain NFT space.

There is no doubt that NFTs have taken over the crypto community through a wave of overwhelming activity and hype. Through this hype, an increasing number of people enlarged their riches by selling and reselling quality digital art. One of the most famous NFT projects is CryptoPunks which sold multiple art pieces for over 20 million dollars. This article will dive into one of the recent upcoming NFT projects named StreetPunks, StreetPunks is taking CryptoPunks to the next level by implementing new capabilities such as metaverse utilities and generating passive income to an improved collection.

StreetPunks was born in late October 2021, created by an enthusiastic group of individuals brought together by their passion of CryptoPunks. Project StreetPunks strives to be a decentralized community orientated token which supports its NFT collections. As of 22/02/2022 StreetPunks launched its minting site, giving its community the opportunity to buy an NFT at a discounted price to encourage traction.

The tokens and NFTs are created on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain). Holding a StreetPunks NFT is ones gateway to a ton of utilities, including yield earning, Passive income, staking bonuses and royalty shares to own a % of the royalties. Moreover, StreetPunks aims to integrate its NFTs into the Metaverse with the purpose to expand holder privileges into the virtual world. When thinking of metaverse utilities, think of a pixelated style arcade hall and the nfts as wearables.

To give a better idea of the NFTs, there will be a total of 1000 unique full body StreetPunks, all of which will differ in street wear, special costumes and accessories. The NFTs are divided into the following categories: Legendary, Epic, Rare and Common. Starting with category “Legendary”, they are custom designed StreetPunks (NFTs) styled based on (popular) themes with accessories. The Legendary StreetPunks are reserved for the top 10 PUNKS token holders which will receive their NFTs at the second stage of the road map (NFT launch). The Epic category consists of Custom designed StreetPunks with original styles plus accessories. In addition, the heads used for the designs of categories Legendary, Epic and Rare consist of the top 150 CryptoPunks (price wise). As for category “Common”, it will be based on random CryptoPunks styled without accessories.

With all this in mind, StreetPunks offers a new approach to CryptoPunks based projects by utilizing the hype of Metaverses and offering passive income to its NFT holders. These utilities in combination with their high-quality hand drawn pixelated arts makes StreetPunks truly a gem waiting to reach the masses. There is no doubt that project StreetPunks will realize their vision, “to be the Catalysts on the Binance Smart Chain NFT space”.


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