Star Lanka Credited As Having The Largest Selection Of Fine Quality Blue Zircon Online

Star Lanka is one of the only online stores with the largest selection of blue zircon. The cobalt blue zircon is available in several dozen sizes and is exclusive to the brand.

Star Lanka is credited with having the largest selection of cobalt blue zircon in the world. The brand’s online store showcases and sells dozens of blue zircon stones across various shades, sizes, and cuts. The stones are ideally suited for various jewelry types, from rings to earrings and everything in between. In addition, Blue Zircon is extremely popular, mainly known for its versatility and the fact that it works great with both casual and formal wear. 

Interestingly blue zircon has been popular since ancient times. The blue hues make it one of the few highly popular stones that aren’t just purchased by people who wear them but also those who enjoy collecting stones. Collectors often snap up larger size blue zircon. The dispersion and the luster of the stone are unique to the family of gemstones, lending a mystifying and often hypnotizing aura to their existence. 

Blue Zircon or Cambolite as it is often referred to, is a very important gemstone, but one which is easily confused with ubiquitous synthetic stones referred to as cubic zirconia. However, the two are very different, both in terms of their chemistry and their origins. Professionals can quickly tell them apart from their optical properties. Zircon is a natural material scientifically called zirconium silicate, found mainly in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and Burma. When pure, these stones are colorless, though they take on various shades due to impurities. The brilliance of the gemstone makes it highly popular. However, many professionals credit its relatively low cost to its popularity. 

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“We are one of the few if any online stores that have such a large selection of cobalt blue zircon in the world. However, we are always on the lookout for unique pieces and will add them as soon as they become available. That’s why regardless of whatever you may be looking for, we are pretty sure you will find it right here.“ said a representative for Star Lanka. 

He added, “The cobalt blue zircon you find here can’t be found anywhere else in the world, which is what makes them so unique. These stones are perfect for jewelry and every collector’s dream come true.” 

About Starlanka 

Star Lanka was founded in 1985 by Mr. Veera Salahudeen. The company has over the years grown to become the most reliable source of high-quality gemstones, with offices in Hong Kong and Thailand. The company specializes in Rubies, Garnets, and Blue Zircon, amongst others.

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