Tim and Becky Graff Host Commemorative Event at Little Wild Horse Canyon Trailhead Site Improvement

The Bureau of Land Management is Adding a Picnic Bench to Improve the Trailhead Site, and the Graff’s have donated a Memorial Plaque Honoring the Loss of the Graff Daughters.

West Jordan, UT, USA – February 28, 2022 – Becky Graff and her husband Tim lost both of their daughters during a freak flash flood in a Utah slot canyon. Now the Bureau of Land Management is installing a picnic bench to improve the site, and the Graffs are supplying a plaque, honoring their daughters who were lost in a sudden flash flood and featuring safety tips for the area.

There will be a commemoration event at the Little Wild Horse Canyon Trailhead on February 28th, 2022, at 1:00 pm. Family and friends have been invited to participate in the ceremony, along with the Sheriff’s department and Search and Rescue.

“We’ve been working with the Bureau of Land Management for a bit on getting a memorial of some sort put in down at the trailhead of Little Wild Horse Canyon as a site improvement. They have approved a picnic table that we will be able to affix plaques to. One in honor of the girls, and the other with safety information,” said Becky Graff.

The event will coincide with the launch of the hardcover version of the book “Swept Away: A True Story of Grief and Acceptance.” Overcome with loss and grief, Becky and Tim found strength in each other and their faith. Becky painstakingly shares the first year of recovery in her deeply personal memoir, “Swept Away – A True Story of Grief & Acceptance.” Through seemingly unconventional methods of processing their loss, they are sharing their story in hopes of helping others who are struggling.

This real-life story is an open, honest, and highly vulnerable look inside the event that completely changed the lives of Tim and Becky Graff. It follows the first year after their loss and is a deeply personal look inside the turmoil and triumphs they’ve experienced.

Call for interviews with Becky Graff and to order your copy of “Swept Away, A True Story of Grief & Acceptance” can be done at www.sweptawaytruestory.com.

About Becky Graff

Becky Graff is an entrepreneur, speaker, and best-selling author. In her personal memoir, “Swept Away, A True Story of Grief & Acceptance,” Becky shares her deeply intimate look inside the first year after losing both of her daughters in a freak flash flood. It is an honest and heartbreakingly beautiful journey through the turmoil and triumph that comes from attempting to rebuild a life torn apart.

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