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Online tattoo resource,, details popular ideas used by couples to show their love

Relationship tattoos have become increasingly popular over the last few years. However, dedicating a tattoo to an individual requires deep thoughts, which often involves considering different factors, one of which is the type and design of tattoo. However, Brandon Walker of seeks to ease te process with the publication of a list of the most popular tattoo ideas amongst couples.

Like love, ink requires an eternal commitment, as they never fade, no matter how much time passes. Matching tattoos are the latest, current approach to indicate the strength of bond between two lovers. Brandon Walker, a blogger for, has listed some couple tattoos for the consideration of lovers of body art.

Name / Date Tattoos

These tattoos are particularly common as they signify an event or individual that both parties can easily relate with. It could either be the name of lover or special dates, such as wedding anniversary or the first time of meeting.

Matching / Identical Tattoos

This often requires partners to find that one shared passion, which could be anything from a thigh tattoos to music notes, artifacts, hobbies, or anything else that is symbolic of their love. It is often described as the connection’s reason for existing.

Connecting Tattoos

The connecting tattoo, which is otherwise known as half-and-half tattoo, becomes complete only once the pair is united. Therefore, it signifies that the partners are incomplete without each other. An example is the heartbeat tattoo that flows from one side to the other. Couples who live far apart often get connecting tattoos to symbolize their connection despite the distance.

Dainty / Minimalistic Tattoos

The minimalist approach is another amazing way of expressing love and the style is particularly ideal for people who have decided to keep things personal, understated, unobtrusive, apparent, showy, or bold. Such miniaturistic and small tattoos are often simple and clean-lined.

Fingerprint Tattoos

Fingerprint tattoo is new and incredibly unique, likened to having a signature of love etched on the wearer, described as the ultimate hallmark of love.

The tattoos are just some of the several ideas available to couples who want to express their love.

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