Hundreds on Potential JV Partners Attracted to Advanced Indoor Vertical Farming to Deliver Optimized Crop Yields with Minimal Resource Consumption: GME Innotainment, Inc. (OTC: GMEV)

  • Advanced Organic Farming Techniques with Highest Quality Standards. 

  • Licensed to Market and Maintain Unique Patented Water Purification System. 

  • 345 Potential Joint Venture Partners Currently Under Consideration.  

  • Established Vertical Farm Facility Now into Fourth Harvest Just Four Months After Startup. Crop Range Expanded From 6 to 23 Varieties.  

  • Life Leaf Gardens JV Partner Agreed to Purchase All Products from all Future Vertical Farms Built by GMEV.

  • On-Line Store Front to Facilitate Consumer Purchase and Delivery of Locally Produced Farm Products. 

GME Innotainment, Inc. (OTC: GMEV) through its subsidiary, Foundation Farms, Corp., embraces today’s key consumer food demands — optimized nutritional content, source traceability, organic production without pesticides, and environmental sustainability.  GMEV is committed to further establishing the AeroPod Production Systems across the country and is a licensed partner and acquirer of revenue-generating farming technologies and operations World-Wide. GMEV aspires to produce food at the highest quality with the lowest environmental costs.  

GMEV also holds the license to market, sell and maintain a unique patented water purification and filtration system that is customizable and available in both mobile and stationary configurations. The Water Purification Unit (WPU) is designed to be both an emergency response water delivery system, as well as, a permanent solution for drinkable water. The versatile WPU is poised to address the global challenges associated with clean water within many of these target markets: agriculture, aquaculture, disaster response and relief, emergency preparedness, laundry services, energy, food and beverage, healthcare, industrial, marine, mining municipal and government, non-government organizations, correctional facilities, hotels and resorts, institutions of higher learning, public and private water authorities.

Most recently GMEV released a special Marketing Report which mentions that the results of the company’s current program to recruit joint venture partners has resulted so far in 345 interested parties located in both Canada and the USA. These potential new JV partners range from ex-NFL players to veterans, agricultural leaders, educators and small business owners. GMEV website subscribers have also increased significantly in recent months as more people are learning about the success of the company’s advanced farming techniques. The full GMEV Marketing Report may be viewed at this direct link:

  • Foundation Farms Update to Shareholders

On September 23rd GMEV subsidiary Foundation Farms, Corp. provided an update to shareholders of past and current achievements and of future plans for the company’s vertical farming business. GMEV management is excited to report that the opening of its first vertical farm in May has been a tremendous success. The facility is now into its fourth harvest just four months after startup. The range of crops grown has expanded form 6 different varieties of lettuce and mixed greens for the first crop to 23 different varieties of leafy greens, herbs, fruits/legumes and edible flowers in the current harvest. The local consumer market is responding enthusiastically to this availability of fresh locally produced products. Additional GMEV product diversity has included the production and packaging of “smoothie” beverage concentrates. The drying, packaging and sale of dried herbs has also become a popular and lucrative product option.

GMEV also reported that the success of these first four months has provided several valuable business expansion tools:

  1. A new business partner-Life Leaf Gardens-has agreed to purchase all end products from all future vertical farms built by GMEV.

  2. A detailed financial and business plan has been prepared for sharing with joint venture farm partners; a standard 450-tower farm like the one recently announced for Abbotsford, B.C. will yield complete capital investment recovery in less than two years.

  3. An on-line store front has been assembled and commissioned to facilitate consumer purchase and delivery of locally produced farm products; brisk activity has been registered on this new portal.

GMEV is also pleased to report there has been a shift in responses to the company’s website enquiries following the production and release of recent marketing videos and the company newsletter, all of which can be accessed through the company’s website – Requests for joint venture partnership opportunities are now coming in daily from across North America.

When asked to provide comments on these achievements and their impacts, Ed Kroeker, CEO stated, “I can best describe it as a ripple effect. Opening our first vertical farm in the Red Deer area was like throwing the stone into the water. The result has been a series of exciting and fast moving ripples moving outward in ever widening circles of business influence. I can’t wait to see the effect of our Abbotsford farm which will have five times the production capability.”

Yves R. Michel, CEO of GMEV added, “I share the excitement of seeing this company growing so quickly from its small beginnings to becoming a working giant in this business sector. It is following the natural vertical farming product growth pattern-from seedling to harvest in record time.”

  • Joint Venture with Well Established Media & Music Company Life Leaf Gardens and Associated Equipment Purchase of 450 Vertical Towers 

On August 31st GMEV announced that its Foundation Farms subsidiary has issued the equipment purchase order for a 450 tower vertical farm to be located in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Gross margin is expected to be $445,000 per year or 98% of sales.  A new business plan, prepared by an independent third party, confirms previous profit projections. The joint venture is expected to generate a net profit of $113,000 per year or 25% of sales and payback on capital is expected to be achieved within the first two years of operation. These numbers are based on the actual long-term experience of GMEV technology suppliers with further confirmation from the Company’s own experience over the past four months with its first Red Deer area vertical farm.

GMEV also introduced its new joint venture partner – Life Leaf Gardens. The main principals of Life Leaf Gardens, Bobby James and Christina Sing, have been a prolific video marketing team and band for over 17 years. They have been affiliated with countless corporate entities through video production, show development, soundtrack composition, and performance. After visiting the GMEV Red Deer area facility they were captured by a vision, now documented in their own media presentation-“use locally grown produce to cement ourselves as a trusted food source, building a lifestyle retail brand that provides nutritious food and local sustainability”. Under the terms of the joint venture agreement, Life Leaf Gardens is committed to the purchase of 100% of the products from the Abbotsford operation; they have also offered the same commitment for all future GMEV Foundation Farms facilities throughout North America.

When asked to provide comments on this latest news, Ed Kroeker, CEO of GMEV Foundation Farms stated, “We are extremely excited about this new launch. We had great expectations when we launched our first vertical farm earlier this year; those expectations were exceeded. Now we are capitalizing on our success to build a second project that has five times the revenue capacity of this first vertical farm. Simultaneously, we are privileged to welcome a high profile joint venture partner that shares our vision and carries the tools to get our message out to the whole world. One of their own media statements summarizes their approach-‘We believe that every business, product and personality is a manifestation of someone’s heart and soul. We take pride in showcasing these dreams through sight and sound, so they can be shared with the world. Our specialty is creating video and audio alongside one another so that your vision has emotional, resounding effects.”

  • GMEV Foundation Farms Reports a Second Harvest is Currently Underway

On July 15th GMEV subsidiary Foundation Farms, Corp. reported that the second harvest is currently underway at the company’s E-ROOTS CENTRE located in the Red Deer, Alberta area. Following an overwhelming positive response from customers who purchased the first crop last month, word is spreading throughout the surrounding communities and this second GMEV crop is already sold even before harvesting has been completed. Consumers have been delighted with the “no blemishes” produce and GMEV had numerous reports that the flavors and palatability of the vegetable greens are, “much better than anything that we have ever purchased at local supermarkets.”

In response to the market demand, GMEV has expanded from an assortment of six basic leafy greens and herbs in the first crop to a total of 14 leafy greens and herbs, two fruits (strawberries and cayenne peppers), and four varieties of edible flowers in this second crop. GMEV management and on-site staff also report very successful functioning of the E-ROOTS system with minimal labor input.

There is a lot of attention paid to tangible benefits of vertical farming including environmental sustainability, low water useage, ability to convert urban waste spaces to food production, and reduction of food transportation logistics. The GMEV E-ROOTS CENTRES are demonstrating that we can produce plant-based food products whose culinary qualities surpass anything currently available in conventional food markets. GMEV plans to have the same impact on the plant-based food market as angus-beef branding has had on the red meat market. This will soon become even more evident as GEMV is getting ready to announce several new joint ventures.

  • GMEV Subsidiary Foundation Farms Reports On-Target First Harvest

On June 3rd GMEV reported a successful on-target first harvest at the company’s E-ROOTS CENTRE located in the Red Deer, Alberta area. GMEV management commented that the crop grew and matured even faster than expected using the E-ROOTS system. From seed to harvest took only 21 days. Market acceptance of the final products has been overwhelmingly positive with consumers reporting exceptional quality and taste.

Plans are underway to double the production capacity of the existing Red Deer area vertical farm facility. GMEV management has reported that the experience with this first crop has already confirmed earlier projections that the company’s capital cost recovery on each E-ROOTS Centres is as short as six months. Word of this success is spreading and as a result GMEV is getting serious joint venture partnership enquiries from Minneapolis, New York, Toronto, and the Caribbean.

A recent Ontario Greenbelt Foundation report indicated that current global investment in vertical farms is estimated at US$3.1 billion with about a third of that taking place in North America. In the GMEV Foundation Farms joint venture business model, the Company’s own capital requirements are minimal. Using the language of agriculture, GMEV seed for each project is the E-ROOTS technology and operating expertise, the joint venture partner seeds the capital requirements and both parties reap a bountiful harvest as demonstrated by the quick capital cost recovery.

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