Are Massage Chairs Safe to Use While Pregnant? – Guide for Mothers

February 28, 2022 – It is a well-established fact that a full-body massage chair is a very useful tool for a person that suffers from muscle pains on a regular basis. It helps relieve muscle tensions in different areas of the body like the shoulders, lower back, glutes, and even the calves. Most top-rated massage chairs like the voice-activated JPMedics Kumo are also very easy to operate, requiring very little – if any at all – physical effort to set up. With these in mind, pregnant women should be among one the beneficiaries of the best massage chairs since muscle pain and fatigue usually affect the body frequently during the whole nine-month duration of pregnancy. But one of the most popular suppliers of the top-selling massage chairs, advises against being too hasty with this decision. Before searching for where to buy massage chairs, they should be aware of a handful of nuances that need to be considered in order to avoid any unintended consequences.

What is known so far…?

There currently exists no conclusive study that shows that massage recliner chair use has a negative impact on the well-being of pregnant women and the baby that they are carrying. When set too low to moderate intensity, it should be generally harmless because no part of even a big and tall massage chair would actually be touching the belly when the user is sitting down properly. It is also ok to use the heated rollers, which is an important feature of the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid and similar models, as long as the user is not sick and the room that the massage chair is being used in is cool and well-ventilated. If the user is uncertain if they are in good condition to use the feature, then it is recommended to refrain from turning it on. Other than that, massage chairs are safe to use unless a new study could prove otherwise. In fact, there is evidence that getting massage therapy during pregnancy could actually help reduce anxiety and depression, two other common conditions that these future mothers experience.

When should it NOT be used?

The Modern Back, a supplier of the best massage chairs of 2021 and a top distributor of massage chairs in Boca Raton, Florida advises their customers that no matter how effective massage chairs are, there are still instances wherein its use is heavily discouraged. One is if the person is nauseated, as the movements during the massage therapy could aggravate the dizziness they are feeling. There should also be sufficient breathing space when using the massage chair, so if for whatever reason the chair feels tight to use, then it may be better to refrain from using it. Women with a history of miscarriages or preeclampsia should also avoid using massage chairs unless their OB/GYN clears them. For a similar reason, they should also be completely out of the question during a high-risk pregnancy. In order to ensure the safety of the users, the best advice would be to consult their doctor before continuing the use of massage chairs if any unusual side effects are felt.

What are the best models for pregnant women?

Luckily for those interested in getting their own massage chair for use during their pregnancy, the popularity of massage chairs within their demographic has led massage chair manufacturers to develop programs that are safe for them to use. Osaki massage chairs have several low-intensity preset programs that should be perfectly safe for pregnant women to use. The Osaki Maestro LE for instance features the “Gentle Relief” mode that involves light kneading that helps improve blood circulation. There are also Japanese massage chairs that are more in-depth with their customizability, allowing users to optimize each massage therapy session according to their current needs.


Pregnant women can greatly benefit from a massage chair when used appropriately. That entails knowing the limits that need to be acknowledged in order to keep the experience safe. The best way to ensure this is to consult the OB/GYN first with all the relevant personal medical history and massage chair specifications. It is in the best interest of manufacturers and distributors of massage chairs for sale to verify if their customer is physically fit for use of their products, so it is worth mentioning while browsing.

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