How Adversity Transformed Brad Walston to Live a Life of Purpose

How Adversity Transformed Brad Walston to Live a Life of Purpose

To say that life was difficult growing up for thirteen-year police officer Brad Walston is an understatement. From being abandoned by his single-parent mother, who suffered from a mental disorder to seeing himself homeless several times, growing up in underprivileged communities, fighting eviction notices, and barely having enough to pay the electricity bills while finishing high school, Brad has braved it all. Interestingly, he did not let his life’s adversities get in the way of who he wanted to become—a person with a purpose and serving his community the best way he knows how. Instead, he found the courage to draw inspiration from his life’s challenges to become the respectable public servant he is today. 

When his mother left him to fend for himself, he was still in high school. Many times, Brad found himself living in the dark because he could no longer pay for electricity. Despite his difficult living conditions at that time, he pressed on and found refuge in basketball, which ultimately became his ticket to a college education. He was able to attend three different colleges, thanks to his basketball skills. Interestingly, he was the first person in his family to finish a college degree in criminal justice. 

After finishing his college education, Brad received a conditional job offer from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This further fuelled his passion for serving his country, and he worked relentlessly to prove his worth. Unfortunately, the bureau was not able to proceed with his permanent hiring due to his problematic credit rating. While the turn of events was such a huge disappointment in his life, Brad knew he was called for something greater. 

Without losing his focus on his goal, he started to educate himself about credit and maintaining good standing. Eventually, together with some of his high school friends, they started a mortgage business and educated their clients on how to effectively improve their credit standing so they could get loan approvals. This proved to be a very lucrative venture for them while they also helped other people shape a better future for themselves and their loved ones. 

Ultimately, Brad found himself joining the police force to serve his community and be a trustworthy public servant. He has dedicated 13 productive years of his life to protecting the community and showing people that they are not defined by their past. Now Brad works as a school resource officer within the police department and provides mentorship to young people. He also volunteered for seven straight years as a boys basketball coach. In his community, Brad is lovingly known as Officer Walston, Officer Dad, and Coach Brad. 

Throughout his life, Brad hopes to serve as an inspiration to others who find themselves in a tight spot. He wishes to show them that no matter how difficult things can get, hard work and perseverance eventually pay off. There is no doubt that Brad found his life’s purpose after going through adversities. The toughest seasons of his life shaped his character enough to motivate him to commit himself to make a difference in the lives of people in the community.

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