Poet and Rapper Thre3dee Marks His Return to Music with a Sizzling Hot Album, 33 Flavours to be Released in March

Poet and Rapper Thre3dee Marks His Return to Music with a Sizzling Hot Album, 33 Flavours to be Released in March
Thre3dee is pleased to announce that production on his debut music album, 33 Flavours, is completed and will be available across major streaming platforms

Thre3dee is a UK-based poet and rapper who has had a solo career since joining the arts and entertainment industry. After releasing his debut single, Happy Face, in February 2021, Thre3dee went silent for a year, and as he storms the music scene again, he is offering fans something to make up for his time of inactivity. The rapper is thrilled to announce the release of his first music album, which features the infusion of his poetic abilities, lyrical prowess, and awe-inspiring vocal delivery.

The new album is titled 33 Flavours and will be released on March 3. Thre3dee guarantees fans will have a lot to learn from the compilation of songs. Speaking about 33 Flavours, Thre3dee had this to say, “The project is something I spent the last 10 months working on, and I am sure fans would love it. Being away from the music scene was sponsored by certain factors, and it allowed me to churn my creativity and produce songs that people can relate with and enjoy.”

Thre3dee discovered his ability to write poems and rap when he picked up a pen and paper many years ago as part of a therapeutic process. He has since blossomed into an acclaimed poet who does exceptionally well every time he records a single. Thre3dee has published hundreds of poems, and with the release of 33 Flavours, the young artist is looking to revive his musical career. Fans and critics should expect nothing short of perfectly composed tracks with soothing instrumentations and poetic rap renditions.

Aside from music and poetry, Thre3dee is getting involved with merchandise and is offering fans the opportunity to support his brand and own comfortable merch. The Thre3dee Express Wear merch would be released in the coming months, and Thre3dee believes it would be a reinvention in merch designs for the UK market. “It is all about empathy, love, and understanding with clothing to go with it,” explained Thre3dee on the new brand.

Thre3dee’s poetry book, Moments of Poetry, is available for download on Amazon. The book is a compilation of some of Thre3dee’s moments with poetry and it presents a flow of love expressions for couples and anyone with someone they share moments with. The book can be downloaded via https://www.amazon.com/Moments-poetry-Book-Version-Thre3dee-ebook/dp/B08LMWV46N.

To preorder 33 Flavours, please visit https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/thre3dee/33-flavours.

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Thre3dee is a poet and rapper based in the United Kingdom. He is a passionate writer whose works encompass love, heartbreaks, family, values, life, and more. Thre3dee has mastered a way to voice out the tender emotions rolling in his mind.

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