The PWA Group recently announced that, after a 2 year hiatus, they are now planning to reinstate their annual investor conference.

The PWA Group recently announced that, after a 2 year hiatus, they are now planning to reinstate their annual investor conference.

Japan has long been a favorite of recreational and professional travellers alike. This is especially so for Tokyo.

Since the beginning of the global pandemic however, the possibility of travelling to Japan, as with many countries, has been severely limited. This has shown an impact on tourism, business, finance and quite notably, the Olympics.

One company that has been unable to operate as usual is The PWA Group, based in Chiyoda Tokyo. Whilst the company has been able to maintain their economic activities and pave the way for growth during the pandemic, they were unable to invite their customers to their annual conference.

The conference has long been an important fixture in the company’s calendar and has often attracted upwards of 800 customers from all corners of the globe. The company says that the conference typically follows the same structure starting with light entertainment, often in the form of live music as guests and employees arrive and mingle. Attendees would then expect to be seated for a 3 course meal, during which one can expect to hear management speak about the company’s past year and projections for the year ahead.

Past highlights have included a speech by Jonathan Roberts (Head of Private Client Portfolios) detailing his strategy for enabling retail investors to ‘play at the same table as the market movers’ and achieve annual returns above the market average. By all accounts Mr. Roberts’ strategy was quite robust and was rather successful upon it’s implementation.

At least 4 speakers have already been chosen for the next event, including Robert Price and Nigel James, both Senior Managers in the Wealth Management division and the company’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Phillip Price.

As the company are (at the time of writing) undertaking an initiative to grow their retail investor client base, very little information has been made available though The PWA Group have confirmed that all customers will be informed at least 90 days prior to the event’s confirmed date.

A representative has also stated that “should it be considered safe as regards the global pandemic, we may be holding the event as early as September”. The company also mentioned that the event would be ‘expanded in its scope’, though left to the imagination what that would entail.

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