Final Fighters leads the charge in building the next generation of leaders in NFT space with entry-level project

Final Fighters is the latest project to shake things up in the NFT industry by introducing an entertaining game where users can fight with their favorite NFTs while earning money using P2E features.


Final Fighters is out to revolutionize the NFT landscape after unveiling the best entry project for NFT Metaverse newcomers. 

The project, which is relatively cheap to enter for newbies, leads the way in building the finest Play To Earn game on Polygon Blockchain. It enables customers to mint or buy NFTs for almost zero gas fees or transaction prices.

Final Fighters supports early NFT investors in every step – from explaining to tutoring about blockchain and NFTs. The project believes blockchain education is crucial and is set to introduce NFT masterclass as it progresses.

“Our vision is to bring an entertaining Metaverse fighting tournament where users can fight with their favorite NFTs and earn money using P2E features,” a representative said in a statement.

The project is laser-focused on creating the next generation of leaders. All development processes and art creation are publicly available for those who want to learn more about digital art or blockchain. All Final Fighters NFT details were hand-drawn by an experienced digital artist. 10k collection was randomly generated using more than 350 unique traits, making some of NFTs extremely rare and valuable.

Each Final Fighter will appear in the game as a playable 3D character with randomly generated three super natural skills, called GUTS.

The founder of Final Fighters believes the project is more than just a ticket to the NFT world for newcomers, asserting that one day, all Final Fighters would join the Metaverse as avatars.

“If you are not willing to invest in digital ‘you’ now, you might end up poor not only in real life but also in the digital one.” That’s what Metaverse stands for these days,” the founder jokes. 

For instance, in the case of the well-known Metaverse game “Sandbox,” digital land was selling only for $30 a year ago. However, individuals would sweat a lot at present to get it for $15k. 

The project is poised to unveil more features as well as environmental impacts as the fighting game develops. 


Random skills will be known only to an NFT holder. Final Fighters stressed that there is no way for a competitor to know the skills before a virtual fight begins. This way, Final Fighters creates an immersive experience and promotes competitiveness since players have no idea about what to expect from other fighters. More than an avatar or character project, Final Fighters is a real-time Player vs. Player fighting arena game for the NFTverse designed to bring all competitive gamers together. 

In February, the Final Fighters NFT community is poised to announce the sale date and complete the Metamask website integration. An initial $100,000 has been set aside for marketing, the creation of distinctive 2.5D – 3D characters, and the growth of the Final Fighters community. 

Final Fighters has set the sale date on March 1st at 3 PM PST. More details will be announced before launch in the Discord community and the Final Fighters’ social media channels.

Meanwhile, the first game demo is expected to be launched this year as the game is already being developed. Final Fighters said it would take longer than expected since the game was initially intended to be 2D-based. However, due to increased interest and the Metaverse impact, the team has reconsidered the game to be made in 3D while keeping the initial ideas of the game mechanics.

The number of genesis holders will get alpha access to the test game’s performance. It includes feedback review and major bug fixes and gathering liquidity for $FFC or the Final Fighters Coin. It also includes the start of the release of $FFC and token accumulation, creation of DAOs, and distribution of $FFC for further development and improvements. Part of earned profits will be donated to a charity that will be selected in the community vote.

Members can now hop on the hype train and discuss it Live with the Final Fighters team by joining the Discord Community. Others who wish to learn more about the project may visit the website and social media channels for more information.

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