Matt Farnsworth proudly presents Rev8lation Media, a new dawn in financial marketing

Matt Farnsworth is changing how the financial landscape approaches marketing by infusing creativity into it and exploring digital financial marketing.

Rev8lation Media, a passion project by Matt Farnsworth, has dived right into the heart of financial marketing and begun making changes from within the industry. Being the era of digital marketing across industries, Matt Farnsworth noticed that financial marketing efforts are a little stuck in the past and sought to catch the sector up to what’s happening through digital transformation.

Matt Farnsworth is the chairman of Rev8lation Media, a master marketer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. His combined experience in these fields has helped him identify gaps in financial marketing, which he seeks to fill through his full-service marketing agency. In just a short time, he is turning heads in the industry with players in the financial marketing world, realizing what is possible when creativity is sprinkled on marketing efforts. 

Rev8lation Media has become that go-to for financial advisors since opening its doors in 2019. When the pandemic thrust the world into uncertainty, Rev8lation Media was the perfect aid for financial businesses, helping them create content that gives them a competitive edge. Digital content has especially become important in the pandemic-ridden world, and Rev8lation Media assists advisors in navigating this new reality. Farnsworth has also worked with John Hancock, Paylocity, Raymond James, Transamerica, etc. The company is also extending its services to include web design, video creation, and digital strategies.

Farnsworth began his transformation in the 401(k)-marketing space where, he transformed plan administrator TAG Resources business and overall value. Farnsworth has helped TAG resources grow its client base by 226% in four years and opened up opportunities for partnerships with Fortune 500 companies. The President of TAG Resources, Troy Tisue, said, “it is crazy how quickly Farnsworth came up with new concepts we needed to implement on our marketing front. He raised the bar and helped create an edge with branding and co-marketing strategies.”

According to Farnsworth, there is a glaring lack of uniqueness in the 401(k) space because creativity is not usually at the forefront of the financial advisor’s mind. However, this is costing financial companies because people want to be wooed, just like other industries are doing. Rev8lation Media is transforming the space by delivering creative tech-driven marketing strategies, giving it a new edge. “Rev8lations model of creating marketing that differentiates the client from competitors is a breath of fresh air in the financial industry. Most advisory firms do not focus on marketing and what separates them from the pack. They often sign up for templated websites that imprint them as clones of other advisors.”

As CEO of Farnsworth Industries, a film production company, Farnsworth has a rich background in filmmaking which he is using to revolutionize the space by helping financial companies gain a unique edge and amp up their digital presence. He notes that success in the digital landscape requires carefully crafted strategies that infuse uniqueness and creativity. This is especially vital when most of the world turns to social media platforms like TikTok for marketing information. “We will someday soon find advisors marketing on TikTok. It’s already happening. I still believe in traditional marketing, but a large part of what advisors want is a digital growth strategy that they can learn and deploy that is sustainable and helps them scale.”

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