Save Big on AUROPOLA LED Headlight Bulbs

AUROPOLA has added a new LED Headlight Bulbs product to its kitty. The AUROPOLA LED Headlight Bulbs features a 1+1 one piece patent design with H11/H8/H9 Headlight Bulbs 14000 LM super bright technology. The bulbs include a powerful fan with 200% heat dissipation with 6500K white light. The product can be installed within 10 minutes are available in pack of 2 units. As part of the launch offer, the company is throwing 50% discount for a limited time.

AUROPOLA LED Headlight Bulbs features a revolutionary 1+1 integrated patent design with less medium heat between the LED bulbs and the core chipset. The bulbs provide more durability and performance enhancement at night.

The headlight bulbs are capable of delivering 50000+ hours working time with the help of 12000 RPM powerful turbo cooling fan. Moreover, the bulbs generate 300% brighter light than halogen via the 14000 LM LED headlight bulb. The company was founded in 2006 and have over 16 years of experience in the field of the LED lighting industry.

The aluminum shell integrated with the AUROPOLA LED bulbs provide long life and safety during night driving. The H11 LED headlight kit is an integrated driver and nonpolor plug, which occupies less space. The 14000 LM LED headlight bulb with super-focused bright 6500K white light simulates daytime light.

The light will be bright to avoid hitting on objects during night driving. The bulbs are design to work for a long time without affecting performance. The AUROPOLA LED Headlight Bulbs can be grabbed for $39.99 with an additional 50% discount via Amazon Clip Coupon. The final cart price is unbeatable for a LED light with latest trending features.

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