The infinite scalable TPS public chain UENC will deploy its smart contract release testing network in early March

Singapore – UENC will deploy its smart contract release testing network in early March to complete the eco Turing completeness. The UENC supports WASM as a smart contract oracle, the expansibility of whom makes it easier for developers to enter the development of DAPP. After the stable deployment of the primary network through smart contract testing, UENC will continue to evolve according to its roadmap. By reporting, UENC Global lab plans to deploy EVM to the UENC primary network at a later stage for a broader contract development ecosystem.

Currently, the deployment incentive of its contract is different from that of other mainstream public chains. Developers can get long-term and stable call bonuses by deploying potential DAPP applications.

The reward is tied to the developer’s custom UENC fees at deployment time, and the client has set upper and lower limit fees. The above incentive model helps the development of the UENC ecosystem and inspires more valuable DAPP development. The current contract support C language. From the analysis of the roadmap, it will launch more contract development languages supported by WASM, which lowers the threshold for the diversification of its DAPP ecosystem development and makes it easier for global developers to get involved.

UENC has been developing for 4 years since its launch in 2018. The members of the UENC laboratory contributed to establishing the public blockchain system entirely. The overall underlying logic of this public chain is quite different from that of the current mainstream public chain, UENC network scale has grown to 15,000 physical nodes, which is more than ten times the scale of Solana and Avalanche networks at present. The goal is to achieve sustainable TPS expansion in a sufficiently decentralized network.

It is expected to release its version 2.1.0 client in the middle of March. The new version of the client for its overall performance will be further ascension. In addition, transactions on the chain speed will be from the current 15 seconds – 20 seconds up to 3 to 10 seconds. What is more, the 2.1.0 version of side-chain data of the state of the algorithm to optimize the more clever and vastly increase the transaction success rate on the chain and concurrent ability. The pre-estimate the overall ecology of UENC will usher in a new development in 2022.

Degree of decentralization of UENC

UENC is a high-efficiency and energy-saving TPS decentralized public chain system with unlimited expansion, which realized a low-power CPU working mode through the DPOW consensus algorithm. Each node has a complete node function in the network, and the complexity of the algorithm is reduced under the premise of ensuring safety, which realized the fast and highly concurrent payment transactions on the chain. At present, any available computer can participate in the infrastructure construction of the network. The physical nodes number of UENC is 15000, worldwide ranking Top 2 regarding the decentralized network scale.

Sustainable extension TPS of UENC

UENC maintains a high TPS output capacity despite the large network scale. In addition to its DPOW consensus algorithm, it is adopting a hybrid network to realize the innovative DAG divergent chain structure. Besides, the verification pool nodes meeting the data status sharded each transaction. The on-chain concurrency can be constantly improved based on the above main features. At present, the basic configuration of its network verification node is a four-core CPU. With the improvement of the node performance in the network, it will play a better on-chain performance.

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