Missouri Mom Relaunches Byjanil.com, a popular beauty and hair E-commerce site that sells high-end wigs.

ByJanil.com offers the highest and most fashionable quality 100% raw hair wigs in the US

Organic, natural, and now custom are some of the buzzwords in the hair industry that most people are looking for in the products they purchase. ByJanil.com, a hair and beauty site, was established to fill this need, giving people access to high-end wigs.

ByJanil was established by Janil, a mompreneur from a small town in Missouri. She is a mom of three and running her first business. Janil explains that she has always had a passion for the hair industry and helping women achieve their beauty goals. That is why ByJanil.com is the perfect business for her. “I am a woman with a passion for beauty and fashion. I am a firm believer in beauty being within and enhancing on the outside. My goal is to provide you all with “great quality hair.” We aren’t for everybody and don’t cater for the cheaper Chinese end of the market but more for the customer who appreciates high end long lasting quality.

When relaunching her business, Janil was very conscious of the challenges facing women when it comes to hair. Top on that list was access to quality affordable hair. Most women had to forego one of those qualities, so either get quality hair at extortionate rates or get affordable hair that is low quality. ByJanil is the solution as they stock high-quality wigs at reasonable prices, making hair more accessible to more women. “Customer service is always #1, and the goal is for you to leave confident.”

Janil started her hair company two years ago and has already sold over 5000 wigs all around the world. She has now relaunched her online business, allowing customers to shop and have their hair couriered to them in the United States rather than from elsewhere. Only 4/5 new products will be available on the site as apposed to the current range which has over 200 product skews, all of which are 100% raw high-end wigs. ByJanil aims to establish itself as one of the few specialists that only sell 100% raw hair. They do this by sourcing all of its hair from a single donor over the course of two years to assure consistency in colour, texture, and density. Raw hair wigs are also custom-made by a trained professional in Missouri.

Janil assures that all of her products are long-lasting, tangle-free, have multiple layers in the head, and include no chemical treatments or fillers, in addition to offering these “gold” label wigs. ByJanil.com wigs make it simple to achieve healthy, bouncy hair. “The hair will be of the greatest quality raw hair, which will survive for a long time and look fantastic.” The wigs come in a variety of styles, including Angel – Straight, Hailey – Loose Wave, Kandi – Body Wave, and Layla – Deep Wave.

Janil Booker will put her heart and soul into providing high end customers with the best quality wigs around the world. Her new products are set to launch in the coming days to make this Missouri mom one of the new local e-commerce mompreneurs that has global reach. Janil says she is currently negotiating celebrity endorsements with two celebrity influencers. “It is simply the highest quality hair you will buy”.

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