Atom Rose Set To Drop A New Single – “Shivohum”

Multifaceted entertainer, Atom Rose, announces plans to release a new record titled “Shivohum”

Ganesha Atom Rose looks set to bless the ears of his fans and other lovers of good music across the globe with great sounds as the singer-songwriter recently announced plans to drop a new record titled “Shivohum.” The talented alchemist has built a reputation for delivering soulful music that offers entertaining yet thought-provoking lyrics and sounds. He is looking to re-create the same with Shivohum and hopefully drop more works in the coming months.

Music has been described by many as a universal language, a claim that has been substantiated by the increasing popularity and acceptance of the art across the globe. Over the years, several talented acts have emerged in different parts of the world to meet the varying needs of music lovers across age groups, irrespective of their location. However, Atom Rosel looks set to take the listening experience to a whole new level, as reiterated by the release of “Shivohum.”

“Shivohum” was produced by Ben Lienbach and it features another fantastic artist in Scarab Deva, with the duo coming together to create a masterpiece. The song delivers the creativity, ingenuity, and versatility of Atom Rose, features that have endeared him to people, amidst a growing fanbase worldwide. Atom has honed his skills over the years to create a unique style that combines human voice, poetry, drumming, string instruments, didgeridoo, binaural beats, hemi-sync, soundscapes, icaros, and kirtan while drawing inspiration from his life experiences and happenings around him.

Atom Rose has also announced plans to continue serenading his fans with great music as he is set to drop another single by the Spring equinox as well as subsequent records in the build up to the release of a full album by Summer Solstice. He currently splits time between California and the Yucatán, guiding meditation, leading music and facilitating healing. Atom also continues to spread the message of good music as a DJ as well as performing live in different parts of the world.

“Shivohum” will be available on Spotify and other major streaming platforms.

For further information about the upcoming singles as well as other works from Atom Rose, visit – He also has a growing online community and fanbase acros social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

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