Ukraine Inu, a cryptocurrency that aims to give a helping hand to Ukrainians

Ukraine Inu, a cryptocurrency that aims to give a helping hand to Ukrainians

Ukraine Inu is blockchain charity token that aims to make a noteworthy difference by helping people of Ukraine raise the needed funds in this time of need. This project is only the beginning of our journey to help victims of the Russian invasion and seek out ways to make our mark through monetary donations and bringing awareness to the myriad dire circumstances before us.

The relatively young project formed only recently would like to make the biggest impression possible right out of the gate.

Insiders of the Ukraine Inu project revealed that the team is taking snapshots and would be airdropping Ukraine Inu token $UKRI to people that showed concern by donating to Ukraine via @Ukriane on twitter within 24 hours the campaign was launched.

Ukraine Inu token ($UKRI) supply  is pegged to the population of Ukraine 1 $UKRI = 1 Ukrainian.By purchasing a unit of the Ukraine Inu Token ($UKRI) you are contributing 1 cent to save lives in Ukraine. 60 percent of funds raised from the fair launch sale will be directed to helping the Ukrainian civilians suffering from the war initiated by Russia. “Be Alive,” we are in partnership with effective and transparent Ukrainian charitable and volunteer initiatives with many Ukrainian humanitarian activists working round the clock on the ground and generously to assure we have a safe place to direct our donations that will help those who need it the most. Our support and prayers to Ukraine.

Ukraine Inu plans to be around for a very long time. Even after the current Russian-Ukraine tensions are over. accorting to a team member, “We want to pass the legacy of this project to the up-and-coming generations. The fight to support Ukraine is an eternal one.”

According to the project’s website “Our mission is very deliberate: to continually support Ukrainians. For those of you who have purchased our token, thank you for supporting us at Ukrainians! Your involvement goes a very long way and we strive to continue with our mission of supporting Ukrainians far into the future. Look forward to the future of this project, and let’s work together to create a bright future.

Further details about the project and progress made to support Ukrainians can be found on the project’s Medium.

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