How Savvy Entrepreneurs Created a Thriving Business by Tapping the Healing Qualities of Foods

As compared to the rest of the world, Americans have access to a wide variety of healthy foods. Yet, the United States has some of the highest numbers of hospitalizations from preventable causes, as well as the highest rate of avoidable deaths. A couple of insightful students paired up and successfully drew a connection between natural healing and food. Their knowledge and research about the healing characteristics of foods led them to form a thriving health and wellness business that empowers people to make transformative health choices.

If you’re like most people, you naturally associate food with fuel, nourishment, or entertainment. While that’s true, food has another little-known redeeming quality. Early in their separate careers, Manoli Lagos and his partner Nicole experienced numerous health conditions either because of intensive work-related stress or chronic illness. Their symptoms took a drastic toll on their overall functioning and not in a good way.

With their combined knowledge and expertise, Manoli and Nicole began to open their own eyes to the perspective that food does more than taste good and gets you going in the morning. Armed with the right nutritional information, they changed their eating habits and a miraculous thing happened – their chronic health problems began to disappear. They soon felt stronger and experienced less pain.  

Now, as co-founders of The Living Fuel, Manoli and Nicole consult with others to enlighten them to the improvements that quality food can make in their well-being.

The Living Fuel is an innovative wellness consulting company that offers private and corporate consulting. Manoli specializes in coaching stressed-out, busy professionals and athletes while Nicole plays a complementary role as an expert in digestive health and food allergies. As a team, they have assisted in transforming the lives of over 9,300 clients, many who work for billion-dollar businesses.

After having success in healing their own bodies, the partners were driven to share their knowledge with other stressed-out populations, notably everyone who works at a job. This allowed them to  team up to form a nutritional consulting program.

The Living Fuel is more than a passion for these entrepreneurs. Along with a daily routine that consists of stretching, exercising, and the proper nutrition, Manoli and Nicole stand as a personal testimony to the difference that consuming healthy foods can heal your body.

Along the way, Manoli and Nicole have learned the importance of not being afraid to fail. They believe “failures are lessons in disguise.” Their top four tips are: don’t doubt yourself, don’t worry about what others think, don’t overthink it, and never take life too seriously.

The main principles of The Living Fuel program are simple – stick to whole foods, limit inflammatory foods and refined sugar, and focus on eating foods with high nutritional value. Manoli and Nicole still practice The Living Fuel program every day and have never been healthier in their lives. They’re passionate about helping others change the way they view food sources so they can experience an improved, better quality of life.   

If you want to learn more about the interesting approach that The Living Fuel uses to help people to live to the fullest by using healthy foods and managing stress, you can follow The Living Fuel on Instagram

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