Joseph Stone Capital Guides On Managing Customer Complaints

Managing customer complaints is a fundamental, internal process influencing customer perceptions and the attitudes of your staff. Pay attention to complaints and you can perk up customer satisfaction for the better.

  • Joseph stone capital asks to connect with those inside your organization who can make improvements in the identified value dimensions. This might be people responsible for procedures, staff development, etc. Study the complaint with your team and find out what should be changed or improved to stop the repetition. Confirm who will make the changes necessary to improve customer satisfaction. Be clear about who will do what and by when.
  • Read the complaint with an open and enthusiastic mind. Complaints are an opportunity to fix problems and stop them from re-occurring to perk up customer satisfaction. Identify the “value dimension” your client is complaining about. A value dimension is that feature of the service interaction your customer truly values, but which has been under-delivered or unfulfilled.
  • Plan the actions required to set things right for this customer. Express understanding and apologize. Give a clarification of what will be improved within the company. Prepare specific positive actions. Include a generous gesture of goodwill to demonstrate your appreciation and perk up customer satisfaction. Then contact the customer by e-mail, phone, letter or in person. Make them feel right by agreeing on the significance of the value dimension they hold so dear. Tell them how dedicated you are to improving this dimension of your service and to reclaiming their full satisfaction.
  • Review, reinforce and revise your complaints management policy and processes. Make sure every upset customer becomes a contented customer.  Manage positive comments, as well! When you get a customer compliment, send an enthusiastic and educational reply. Turn your happy customers into bona fide ambassadors: willing to stay in touch, eager to return, ready to endorse you with positive word-of-mouth.

Joseph Stone Capital
says that most people with a complaint would not even tell you about it. Instead, they will walk away and tell other people: your customers, prospects, and competitors – at times government agencies and the press!

Customers who do complain are actually your best friends, your free consultants, your valued business partners. They offer you the information you need to improve customer satisfaction. Be sure you treat them that way to perk up customer satisfaction.

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