Hales Global Announces Plans to Help Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Access and Secure Government Contracts

Acquiring a government contract from the largest government buyer in the world is easier than many small business owners think, and Hales Global is offering a window opportunity to make that possible

It can be tough as a small business going up against multi-billion dollar Goliaths. The big boys are paying big bucks to hawk their wares to the U.S. Government, while thousands of small businesses are left behind. Government procurement can be a minefield for very small companies. Every branch of the government has hundreds of set-aside programs, and each state and city has its own rules. Small companies need an edge, or they’re sunk before they begin.

Larry Hales, CEO of Hales Global Group, a boutique consulting firm providing targeted business development and market research solutions, is pleased to announce it will assist small businesses in the United States secure government contracts through the Army Future Command symposium coming up this April. The symposium, designed to aid the AFC in meeting its goal of developing the next generation of technology requirements for the Army, is geared toward marketing intelligence that the AFC can use to examine new energy concepts and develop the next-generation technology requirements for the U.S. Army.

One hundred fifty participants have been selected by the Army Future Command to showcase innovative technologies that the U.S. Army can incorporate to strengthen the army, so they are better positioned to defend the country. As one of the chosen participants, Larry Hales uses this medium to help small businesses with technological innovations that match the army’s needs to showcase them at the symposium. These businesses can secure government contracts if their innovations get selected during the symposium.

Hales Global has partnered with a couple of businesses in the United States to secure government contracts. Notable among these businesses is Wanxiang, which is reckoned to be the largest Chinese company in the world, generating a revenue of about $112 billion in 2021. In 2014, Wanxiang partnered with Hales Global to secure a mega battery research center that has paved the way for the company’s positioning in the current revolution of the Electric Vehicle industry.

Hughes Aircraft is another company that has benefited from Hales Global’s help in securing government contracts. The company won tens of federal government contracts in eight months and enjoyed revenue growth of over 600% in one year. Speaking about Hales Global, John Mckay, a former executive at Hughes Aircraft, had this to say, “Hales Global Group team is all around amazing. We love the drive, responsiveness and customer service. Their platform is very intuitive and hands down the best in business development in the federal sector. If you want to increase your footprint with more federal government contracts look no further than Hales Global Group.”

To partner with Hales Global and Larry Hales at the VERTEX/Energy Army Futures Symposium, send an email to [email protected] or visit www.halesglobal.com.

About Army Futures Command

The Army Futures Command (AFC) leads the ongoing modernization of the Army to provide future warfighters with the concepts, capabilities, and organizational designs needed to dominate a future battlefield. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, AFC has more than 26,000 people worldwide. The Army’s six modernization priorities focus on the AFC’s eight Cross-Functional Teams: Long Range Precision Fires; Next-Generation Combat Vehicle; Future Vertical Lift; Army Network; Air and Missile Defense; Soldier Lethality; Assured Positioning Navigation Timing; and, Synthetic Training Environment. The Artificial Intelligence Task Force and Army Applications Lab also support the AFC’s efforts. AFC collaborates with entrepreneurs, scientists, industry, and academia to create the best solutions to keep Soldiers safe and America strong.

About Hales Global Group

Hales Global Group is a boutique consulting firm providing targeted business development and market research solutions. The firm’s senior consultants have deep and broad industry backgrounds and international business expertise. They include experienced entrepreneurs and business advisors to companies and federal government agencies worldwide.

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